19 People To Avoid On The Job Site

Diply 25 Nov 2016

You don't have to love your job to do it safely. Lots of people hate their jobs, but we all want to go home in one piece at the end of the day. Unfortunately, accidents happen all too often, and they're completely preventable. Worse, you can take all right measures and wear all the right gear but still get hurt by somebody else's stupidity or negligence.

These folks clearly aren't taking the right measures, and some of them aren't wearing even close to the right gear. We hope they're all okay, of course, but judging by how they're performing, it's hard to see how they'll stay okay.

Be safe out there!

1. Things are going to get interesting when one of those sparks catches the bag on fire.

reddit | Tar_alcaran
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2. Anybody else feel like this is going to get worse before it gets better?

reddit | 2Fast2Finkel
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3. Two ladders are better than one, right?

reddit | walrussel747
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4. Or is no ladder best?

reddit | joshracer

Especially with wheels!

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5. What could possibly go wrong?

reddit | Trevor1432
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6. Better him than me!

reddit | jaycrew

Sorry for his luck, though.

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7. How much does the insurance plan pay out per finger?

reddit | Eeeeeeeen
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8. And how much per toe?

reddit | bigxy3242
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9. Can't wait to see how the dismount will work.

reddit | jakeotc
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10. Setting himself up for his next career as a pirate.

reddit | [deleted]
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11. Would you trust those welds?

reddit | murica_hell_yea
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12. ...But he looks cool, right?

reddit | mysticalmisogynistic
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13. If he keeps that up, he won't have to worry about wearing goggles ever again.

reddit | Makovu
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14. There are many good reasons to wear goggles!

reddit | WarLorax

And to not buy them used.

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15. I sincerely hope this isn't just another normal day for this guy.

reddit | BitRasta
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16. Talk about faith in your co-workers – and your shirts.

reddit | DeathsDemise

It's giving me the cold sweats just looking at it!

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17. Keep expecting to see Wile E. Coyote pop out of that hole.

reddit | JXDB
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18. If those clamps hold, frame them and put them on the wall. 

reddit | Pickle_Slinger
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19. If the scissor lift doesn't go high enough, you just give it a boost, right?

reddit | Simyohaney
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