Ultra Violet Is Pantone's 2018 Color Of The Year And It's The Ultimate #Hairspiration

Diply 13 Dec 2017

People get excited about all sorts of things, but is it really that weird to wait in anticipation of what Pantone's color of the year will be?

Well, you won't have to wait anymore! Pantone has declared Ultra Violet to be the 2018 color of the year, which is definitely a step up from the ugly Greenery shade from 2017.

Ultraviolet is a beautiful shade of purple that deserves to serve as some much needed #Hairspiration.

Check out some brave women who've already decided to embrace the ultraviolet life!

Just for reference, this is what Pantone means when they say that Ultra Violet is the color 2018 needs to embrace.

Pantone | Pantone

You can show this to your hairstylist or just work around a similar shade of this!

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It's hard just to call this just "stunning" or "gorgeous." There just isn't a word good enough to describe how beautiful this looks!

Instagram | @karliepow

Ultraviolet seems to take on a different hue depending on the lighting. How cool is that?

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If you're a bit of a commitment-phobe and can't see yourself being devoted to one color, ultraviolet clearly pairs well with indigo.

Instagram | @megaartistry

Curling your hair will show the different colors off even better.

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Ultraviolet is a muted shade of purple, but you can always go bright! 

Instagram | @velvastein_hairartistry

Everybody you past on the street will be doing a double-take with this hair.

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If you want to really achieve the mermaid look (as we all do, amirite?), sneak ultraviolet color onto the ends of your hair.

Instagram | @you_good_mood
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Since '90s style is still going strong, you can dye the ends of your hair this gorgeous ultraviolet color and add some extra fun to your space buns.

Instagram | @guanyuhairshop

Side note: How does this woman pull off space buns AND bangs without looking like a toddler?

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And if you're getting bored with your dreadlocks, you can always add some hair jewelry or dye some of the locks ultraviolet!

Instagram | @agusarcoiris
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