Fashion in 2017 just can't stop with the extra, and this doesn't end with swimwear. It really only begins. As if shopping for a swimsuit wasn't already terrible and hard enough as is!

Keep scrolling to see the best of the worst swimsuits that 2017 has to offer us so far.


1. The unicorn trend really isn't going away any time soon, is it?

If this bikini tried to put one more rainbow or unicorn on it, I think my soul would die.

2. Why put sunscreen on your neck when you can just wear a choker instead?

This swimsuit also guarantees a million sequins floating around in your pool, waiting to be cleaned out.


3. Just like the little black dress is a wardrobe staple, so is the black one-piece.

Just when you find the perfect one, there has to be some really uninspiring and pointless quote on it.

4. I know bandeau bikini tops can seem to lack security, but this is just super impractical.

Just because there are shirts like this doesn't mean the style should come in bikini form too.

5. This bikini is just cutting it a little too close.

The bathing suit top is super cute and then whoa.

I think these bikini bottoms are what our worst nightmares are made of.