Soldiers, vets and first responders put their lives at risk every day to save others. Their jobs can result in life-threatening injuries.

Firefighter Matthew Hicks thought his career was over when he lost his leg in a car accident. He wondered how he would be able to continue his passion of saving lives. 

Through his own determination and the support of 50 Legs, Matthew was accepted into a paramedic program and able to go from a volunteer firefighter to a full-time firefighter.

Matthew is all smiles as he is fitted for his prosthetic


Matthew still needed one thing—a custom prosthetic that would stay permanently attached to his firefighter boot. That way, Matthew could respond to a call as quickly as possible, just as he had before the accident. 

The high cost of the custom prosthetic had Matthew worried that he wouldn't be able to achieve his dreams, but organizations like 50 Legs helped fund this revolutionary prosthetic.

Steve Chamberland has said that his accident was one of the best things that ever happened to him.

“I thank God every single day for losing my leg, as it led me to what I am supposed to do. I just want to help people better their lives," he wrote on his website.

How Can You Help?

50 Legs needs your support to continue to make a difference in people's lives.

For more information and upcoming fundraisers visit the organization's Facebook page and website.

Main Image: YouTube / Hulk Hogan

Collage Source: 1. Facebook / 2. 50 Legs 3. Prosthetic Orthotic Associates