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32 Things Guaranteed To Make '00s Girls Cringe A Bit

Diply 25 Sep 2017

I had the great pleasure of entering high school at the turn of the millennium, which means I was at the forefront of the disaster that was early 2000's fashion.

2000–2010 was definitely the cringiest decade one could live through, and that's coming from someone born in the '80s.

Not only did I suffer through velour tracksuits, bedazzling of basically everything, and butterfly clips, I also have an inactive Myspace account that is sure to make me cringe forever.

1. Let's just go ahead and call a spade a spade. |

If you were in high school in the early '00s, nobody understood you, and these were the hallmarks of the condition. You probably had pink and black hair and listened to some form of punky alternative rock featuring guys wearing smudged eyeliner.

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2. I still maintain that I started wearing a necktie before the advent of Avril Lavigne, but once she did it, we all did it.

ViralSocialBuzz | ViralSocialBuzz

At least we gained a new skill. I can truthfully say that I learned to tie up one of those bad boys all on my own. No clip-on skull print ties for this girl.

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3. Butterfly clips everywhere!

Melbourne Lindy Exchange | Melbourne Lindy Exchange

If your hair wasn't twisted back into at least 10 different butterfly clips, were you even a teen in the early '00s? Did your parents keep you indoors? Did you live under a rock? You clearly missed out, and on behalf on my generation, I am so sorry.

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4. Before a flat iron was in literally every girl's bathroom, we used to do it the "old-fashioned" way.

YouTube | erin louise lee

Putting those home ec skills to good use, one burnt scalp at a time. If your hair wasn't falling out in frizzy clumps, then you just weren't doing it right.

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5. Juicy Couture sweat suits.

Pinterest | Tia McGregor

Because just wearing pink velour track pants was not enough, everyone made sure they came with a matching hoodie. We were walking terry cloth towels, but we were fancy.

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6. Ed Hardy (or Von Dutch) evvverything.

Instagram | @kaiihoney

I tended to buy knockoff versions from tattoo shops. I wasn't fancy like the rest of you. I just wanted to be this cool so badly.

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7. Myspace may have died out, but the Myspace hair memories will haunt us forever


Without a doubt, if you had this hair, you sent text messages that said: RaWr MeaNs I l0v3 U in DiNOsaUr!

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8. Definitely not ribbed for her pleasure.

Pinterest | Pinterest

I hated them then, and I hate them now. Ribbed sweaters can just retire for good. You've done your damage. Get out of our closets.

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9. Capri gaucho pants.

USA Gaucho Pants | USA Gaucho Pants

Maybe if you are going to wear these gems, you should choose a camo print in the hope that no one will be able to see them.

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10. Dyeing your blonde hair black underneath.


Thanks to Christina Aguilera (who's, like, the queen of '00s trends), everyone with blonde hair wanted to dye it partially black.I didn't have blonde hair, but if I did, you can bet I would've wanted this.

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11. Super low-rise jeans.

Famous Fix | Famous Fix

Back in the 2000's, if you bent down and your thong was visible, that was considered a cute look.

It was a very dark time for us all.

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12. Belts on top of shirts.

Degrassi Wiki | Degrassi Wiki

Can you still call it a belt if it's not holding anything up?

Well, I suppose these were technically "fashion belts."

I'm glad they're no longer fashionable.

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13. Shirts that said things like "hottie" or "babe."

Fanpop | Fanpop

Looking back, it was pretty weird for 15-year-olds to be rocking these words across their chest, or worse, on the back of their sweatpants.

P.S. Shout-out to Paige from Degrassi for being a model example for the 2000s.

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14. Bright blue eyeshadow and metallic lipstick.

Entertainment Weekly | Entertainment Weekly

I don't think we understood the concept of a focus feature in the 2000s.

We just loaded on eyeshadow and lipstick and hoped for the best.

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15. Colored hair clip-ins.

Disney | Disney

Since my mom wouldn't let me dye my hair purple in eighth grade — rude, I know — I had to resort to a purple ponytail clip.

I wore it once.

So, good call (or whatever), mom.

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16. Fedoras.


In the 2000s, we took the classic 1920s fedora and bedazzled it to death.

As far am I'm concerned, we all owe Frank Sinatra an apology.

And by "we," I mean you guys, 'cause I'm innocent of this trend.

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17. Shutter sunglasses.

Amazon | Super Z Outlet

Sorry, but the pun is too irresistible. I'm going for it.

These glasses make me shudder.

However, they were super cool for a brief period in the late '00s.

Thanks a lot, Kanye.

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18. Platform flip flops.

Sparkle Steps | Sparkle Steps

For some reason, everything had to be super glam in the 00's. If it wasn't glistening, it wasn't girly.

Even the lowly flip-flop became a bedazzled high-heeled sandal.

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19. Pencil-thin eyebrows.

Album of the Year | Album of the Year

Most of us think of thin eyebrows as a '90s trend, but there was definitely some overlap into the early 2000s.

Now, in the age of the Instagram brow, it's amazing to see how far we've come.

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20. Wispy hairstyles. 

YouTube | take-me-to-nolan-ross

I wanted hair like this so badly when I was younger.

But now, if there's a single wisp in my hair, I burn it straight with a flat iron.

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21. Playboy bunny everything.

Body Candy | Body Candy

This was a very concerning phase of the early '00s.

I don't think we quite grasped what Playboy was, TBH. I think we all just thought bunnies were cute.

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22. If this wasn't your ideal bedroom motif, then maybe you dodged a bullet.

Twitter | @angel_tasha67

I used to peruse the Sears catalog with eager eyes, just dreaming of perfectly coordinated bedroom sets.

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23. Ahh yes, the "I need to get on the crimped hair trend but I don't have that much time so I'll only do the front strands."

Odyssey | Odyssey

I mean, who didn't look up to Lizzie McGuire as a style icon?

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24. Streaks. For the love of all that is good on this earth — streaks.

Twitter | @_blackwomenhair

Were we zebras or skunks? Were we of sound mind? What was the fascination with alternately colored locks?

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25. Back in our day, we did it the hard way.

Twitter | @hoopsfrost_21

None of this namby-pamby tomfoolery like we have these days. A real man or woman rolled down their socks like a boss.

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26. The clumpy look was no one's friend

Fool For Beauty | Fool For Beauty


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27. It's possible we got carried away with layering...

Slodive | Slodive

I like to call this 'do the "I just discovered you can layer your hair so I'll just get all the layers possible."

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28. The chunky belt.

Pinterest | Pinterest

I forced this fashion upon the eyes of the world for much too long. It was all about low-rise jeans, a long tube top, with the chunky brown suede and gold belt on top.

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29. The "I want to make sure everyone knows that I spent a long time on my hair getting volume, so it looks like I just got out of a wind tunnel."

VH1 | VH1

To be fair, Tyra pulls it off like a champ.

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30. Before the smokey eye, there was the raccoon eye

Nadine Beauty Forever | Nadine Beauty Forever

I'm not sure what the goal was here? But, whatever it was, we failed at it, miserably.

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31. Remember the atrocity that was hair mascara?

Fear No Beauty | Fear No Beauty

Marketed to all the tweenage girls out there who pink streaks in their hair so badly, but had parents who were dead-set against hair dye.

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32. We all thought we were so cool with our chain belts

Urban Outfitters | Urban Outfitters

Grungy '90s kids would sport different variations on the chain belt that ranged from Britney Spears-inspired to punk rock-y.

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