With all the gloom and doom we see on the news or read online, it's actually refreshing to hear a good story for a change! Teenagers tend to be known more for their weird music, their strange sense of style, and their fluctuating moods — not their selfless and charitable acts. But that isn't the case here. This is the story of a teenager whose honesty bucked all those classic self-indulgent stereotypes and actually made a difference in someone's life! 

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This is Tommy O’Connor, a high school senior from Fremont, California.

The 17-year-old happened to spot a wallet just laying on the ground when leaving his local 7-Eleven before class.

Inside the wallet was $2,300, all in one-hundred dollar bills. 

Quite a sight, surely, to a teenager! But Tommy didn't even count the cash. "I just thought it was probably someone’s rent or something," he told CBS.


In a heartwarming turn, Tommy immediately handed over the wallet to Anna Gomez, a teacher’s assistant.

And now his selfless act is garnering some well-deserved recognition. "I let him know there were many people who would have taken the money and walked away," said Gomez.

Despite his family being on a fixed income — and just a day earlier not even having lunch money — Tommy knew he had to do the right thing.

And his parents couldn't be prouder. “With us living month-to-month, it is a big chunk of money," said his father Ron. "I’m so proud of him that he did that.” And you'll never guess who the wallet belonged to!