Instagram is full of weird and wacky beauty trends. From glitter undercuts to caviar-inspired lip looks, someone on Instagram is bound to have tried it. 

For some reason, squiggly lips have recently become a popular makeup trend. Somehow that transitioned into squiggly eyebrows, and now, people are experimenting with squiggly eyeliner. 

When will the squiggly trend stop? We don't know. But until it does, we'll be here to fill you in on this bizarre new look.


Squiggly brows wasn't enough for this young makeup artist; she did her eyeliner to match. 

Instagram |  @georgiana.disy

I don't even know how someone achieves brows and liner this squiggly. Do they use a template? I have so many questions. 

Instagram |  @houseoflashes

Although this squiggly eyeliner look is quite impressive, it's that incredibly precise eyebrow shape that I can't get over. 

Instagram |  @facingbeautystudios

If you're trying squiggly eyeliner, why not go all out with some green shadow and black dots, too?

Instagram |  @hannahdoesmakeupp

If you're already doing squiggly eyeliner, you might as well try a squiggly eyeshadow look. 

Do you think that the squiggle trend has gone too far? Comment and let us know! 

Instagram |  @dashofblue_makeup