16 Dads So Savage They Deserve Their Own Day

Diply 14 Jun 2018

Dads are interesting creatures, to say the least. Not only do they have their own very painful brand of joke, but they also have a very different way of showing us they care, which usually comes in the form of major embarrassment.

1. You have to teach 'em while they're young

Imgur | sonan303

I have to say that this is a very detailed way to say no. It looks like a legitimate letter, too. At least he'll be prepared for future rejection. He'll thank you...someday.

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2. I think I'd be okay with this gift

Reddit | [deleted]

As cool as it is to have a car, they cost a lot of money. This dad was simply reminding his daughter that you can still play with Lego no matter how old you are.

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3. From personal experience, soap doesn't help. And I don't know what will

Playbuzz | Playbuzz

It's the thought that counts, though. I bet he got somebody else to package it. I've yet to meet a dad who can manage that sort of stuff.

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4. His attention to detail is actually impressive

Twitter | @bailee_xox

I guess he's on his phone a lot. He might get the silent treatment for a little while, but I don't think he'll mind.

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5. Well, one out of three isn't bad

Reddit | myusernamestinks

At least it's comfort food. It looks pretty appetizing when you get past the doodles. But I don't think I'd want to have a piece of that cake if I had failed.

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6. To be fair, Ghostbusters is a classic movie

Reddit | thelordplatypus

I'm sure Matthew won't mind. Who wants to see a little human eat cake anyway? You could always watch it together too.

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7. Hey, it's just like camping!

Reddit | LeroyGivens

Too bad there aren't any marshmallows involved. But I bet it would be pretty cold out there without a campfire. Just think of it as practice for Survivor.

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8. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Instagram | @therealburrmartin

I'm just really thankful my dad doesn't do this to me. I would never be able to wear trendy clothes again. No, thanks!

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9. I bet that will work in no time

Tumblr | cramp

Personally, I feel naked without my phone. This would be the perfect motivator for me. I wonder how long it took?

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10. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone

Reddit | Jawbreaker93

Not until she remembers this while sitting in a therapy session. Not all games are fun. I feel like this would have been me as a child.

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11. Something serious is about to go down

Reddit | sloanesteel

Seeing so many dads in one place is a little nerve-racking. Maybe they are on their way to a dad joke convention?

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12. Oooh, a large package! Wait a minute...

Twitter | @hannablewett

If I received something like this, it would give me some serious trust issues. Let's hope they really are good.

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13. Surprisingly, I can relate to this on a spiritual level

Twitter | @shannenmiralles

For me, it's the other way around. I'm always hiding my snacks from my dad. It probably runs in the family.

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14. This is more than a little bit terrifying. Now he's always watching

Reddit | CrimsonLager

I don't think I could comfortably do anything knowing that I had a blanket with my dad's face on it.

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15. If she drives anything like my sister does, I can relate

Reddit | AuthorCook

The only thing scarier than her actual driving is the fact that this dad might have to pay for any damages caused.

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16. A simple "no" would do just fine

Reddit | baratein

Sure, I get it. You have to work for things in life, but is this really necessary? On another note, what happened to the drawer?

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