These Rose Gold Nails Are Anything But Basic

Diply 16 Mar 2017

What was life like before we discovered rose gold? I honestly can't remember. We've seen this stunning color on iPhones, watches, eyeshadow, and my personal favorite, manicures. It's girly, glam, and absolutely gorgeous all at the same time. And although rose gold has become the epitome of the "basic girl," I can assure you that these rose gold nail designs are far from typical. Keep on scrolling to see some unique and eye-catching rose gold manicures to try for yourself!

1. The rose gold accents in this matte manicure are so gorgeous. I love the ombré designs. 

Instagram | @la_beautique
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2. This rose gold nail design is all about the bling. The jewel-lined cuticles are so glam. 

Instagram | @vs_nails_tj
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3. This is such a soft, feminine nail look. Her nail shape is also on point. 

Instagram | @purerichnclassy
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4. This is definitely my favorite nail look of the bunch. I love the simplicity of this metallic French manicure. 

Instagram | @adornedwithblessings
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5. The rose gold color makes this nail look girly, but the chrome effect gives it an edgy quality.

Instagram | @m.vaasiljevic
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6. Wow. This embossed-looking manicure is absolutely gorgeous.

Instagram | @ngabriellenails
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