16+ Beauty Hacks From Real Women

Diply 1 Jun 2018

You probably do some things in your beauty routine that you would never give up, no matter what. Well, it turns out that you are not alone.

We turned to the ladies of Reddit to find out their most tried-and-true beauty secrets. You might be doing some of these already, but we're willing to bet that you'll be adding some new tricks into your beauty routine after reading this.

1. Get A Haircut 

Instagram | @fabiolamelooficial

"The longer your hair gets, the more often you need a haircut," said one Reddit user. "If you wait too long, the more obviously dead your ends appear to others. I use expensive shampoo, I don't wash my hair every day, but if I don't get a haircut often, my hair looks dry and dead."

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2. Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt 

Lydi Out Loud | Lydi Out Loud

"If you want your hair to air-dry all pretty and don't like frizz, don't towel your hair," suggested one Reddit user. "Use a t-shirt or even a microfiber towel. It helps keep things sleek."

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3. Keep Your Face And Linens Clean

Instagram | @jillian.harris

"Always wash your face before you go to bed and clean your pillowcases frequently!" said one Reddit user.

The same goes for your sheets, towels, and facecloths, people. Your skin will thank you!

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4. Buy An Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Instagram | @olay

"If you're in your twenties, start using anti-wrinkle creams and eye creams now for prevention," said one Reddit user.

For real, though. I recently asked a woman in her late 30s with radiant skin what her secret was, and she said this exact same thing.

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5. Use A Vitamin C Serum 

Instagram | @beautykorea_dubai

"I use Vitamin C every night before bed to fade scars, reverse sun damage, and brighten my skin," explained one Reddit user. "I use it after cleansing. I apply two drops to my face and neck, then apply my moisturizer on top."

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6. Never Skip Out On The SPF

Instagram | @laiddison

"There's no such thing as a 'healthy' tan," said one Reddit user. "Any time your skin changes because of the sun, it's sun damage, even if it's not a burn. While anti-wrinkle creams and eye creams are often fantastic and really work, nothing is more effective prevention than sunscreen."

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7. Don't Neglect Your Brows 

Instagram | @patrickta

"Keep your eyebrows groomed. Brows can transform your face," said one Reddit user.

I 100% agree with this one. Even if you just ensure that stray hairs are always plucked, your eyebrows will look neat and tidy.

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8. Be Cautious When Trying New Skincare Products 

Instagram | @skinbymorayo

"Don't try out new products on a Monday morning before work!" advised one Reddit user. "I've had a few that my skin reacted poorly to — it gave me huge cystic zits. I had to go to work with enormous zit volcanoes. Very embarrassing."

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9. Find A Skincare Routine That Works

Instagram | @kiehls

"Skincare is essential to beauty. Cleanse multiple times per week, exfoliate one to two times a week, moisturize daily, wear SPF if you're leaving your house, even for an hour," said one Reddit user. "The more you look after your skin, the less makeup you have to wear and the more naturally beautiful you will look and feel."

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10. Make Friends With Your Eyelash Curler 

Instagram | @amy_dongmeibrush

One Reddit user said to "heat your eyelash curler in your bra" so that your lashes hold their curl for longer. They also said to "curl your lashes before AND after applying mascara."

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11. Your Quality Of Life Affects Your Skin 

Instagram | @zsofkaa

"What you eat, drink, [and your] quality of sleep are all more effective for your beauty and skincare than what you put on your skin," said one Reddit user. "Also, don't go crazy on skincare — you might do more harm than good by using so many products."

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12. A Little Lipstick Goes A Long Way

Instagram | @makeupshayla

"Wear red lipstick and everyone will think you have your shit together, no matter how undone the rest of you is," said one Reddit user.

Red not your color? Find another bold shade that works for you.

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13. Don't Forget To Drink Water

Instagram | @molliesadventures

"Drink water. All the time," wrote one Reddit user.

This oft-forgotten beauty tip is extremely effective and important. Remember to hydrate and you will be amazed by how great your skin looks.

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14. Make Sure You're Wearing The Right Foundation

Instagram | @peipiepoe

"You should match your foundation to your neck and chest if you're wearing a low cut shirt. It can be a bit jarring to have your face a different color than the rest of your skin," wrote another Reddit user.

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15. Use Conditioner As Shaving Cream 

Instagram | @dermveda

"Using conditioner as shaving cream is the best trick I ever learned. Any kind works (a big cheap bottle will last a year for me) and it doesn't dry out your skin the way shaving foams seem to," said one Reddit user.

Bonus: This tip will also save you money!

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16. Try An Aloe Vera Face Mask

Instagram | @jill_neezy

"Aloe Vera Gel is ridiculously amazing at smoothing skin & keeping acne at bay," one Reddit user wrote.

"Do a mask with it 10–15 minutes before bed, sleep, and wash it off in the morning. Feel free to do it every night. It reduces the size of a zit and it works well as a simple spot treatment."

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17. Hold Off On Washing Your Hair By Using Talcum Powder

Instagram | @blessedserendipity

"Talcum powder brushed through your hair (especially the roots) absorbs excess grease and gives you an extra day before you have to wash it," wrote one Reddit user.

"It's amazing for people like me who'd have to wash my hair every day otherwise."

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18. Use Your Old Eyeshadows To Create New Nail Polish

Instagram | @hey_sharonoox

"If you have old eyeshadows that you are going to throw out, instead crush whatever color you want up into a powder, carefully put it into a leftover bottle of clear nail polish, shake up and then you have a new nail polish!" said another Reddit user.

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19. Clear Mascara Is More Versatile Than You Think 

Instagram | @miss_sporty_danmark

"Use clear mascara to make your eyeliner last longer," wrote one Reddit user.

"I always had problems with my eyeliner bleeding on the edges, but I swipe a little bit of clear mascara over it and it's melt proof! It also makes a good brow gel."

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20. Swap Your Expensive Primer For Chapstick 

Instagram | @jillsmakeupfancy

"Use plain chapstick under your eyeshadow and eyeliner [to] hold it in place," one Reddit user suggested. "Bonus if you get some with sunscreen."

"Avoid the 'peppermint' or other flavored chapsticks because they will make your eyes water like an onion."

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21. Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day

Instagram | @catkittlitz

"For healthy hair, try to wash it as little as possible," explained one Reddit user. "I generally wash my hair one to two times per week, unless I'm very active. In addition to this, don't force yourself to do this if it doesn't seem to work. Everyone's hair is different."

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22. If You're Tired, Go To Sleep! 

Instagram | @ctbcreatives

"You aren't missing a thing by staying up," said one Reddit user. "Feeling tired at 7 p.m.? [Screw] everything, go to bed."

Gotta agree with this one. Nothing will eliminate those dark under-eye circles quite like a good night's sleep will.

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23. Buy A Legit Beauty Blender 

Instagram | @keriblair

"The Beauty Blender is one of those few things I've found that there's just something about it that the other knockoffs don't have," said one Reddit user. "I wear a thicker foundation which can definitely tend toward cakeyness and streakyness if not applied carefully, but the Beauty Blender makes it so easy."

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What are some beauty tips that you swear by?


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