7 Real-Life Photos That Could Be Part Of A Magic Eye Book

Diply 9 Dec 2016

When I was a kid, Magic Eye books were all the rage. My brother had a ton of them. We strained our eyes and made ourselves go cross-eyed, just to see the 3D image. I honestly don't think that I could look at these books now. It would give me such a headache. Luckily, nature and photographers have taken over where Magic Eye left off. Sure, you won't see 3-D images when you cross your eyes and look at these, but they do have that Magic Eye resemblance.

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Okay, so show of hands, who remembers these?

Boun-SEE | Boun-SEE
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1. Birds of a feather flock together. 

National Geographic | National Geographic
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2. A well thought out seating arrangement makes for a perfect magic eye. 

Московские Новости | Московские Новости
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3. Nature's very own magic eye. 

Harry Lichtman | Harry Lichtman
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4. Captured at just the right moment. 

Stefano Landenna | 500px
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5. I want to live here. 

Fyodor Savintsev | Celeste Network
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6. I bet there are tons more underwater images that would work well for magic eye. 

Eduardo Lopez Negrete | National Geographic
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7. Consider this two magic eyes in one. 

Imgur | Imgur

Half and half, split right down the middle.

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