There is a point in every day where I feel that something so captivating happens that I have to take a snapshot of it. Just when you think this world has gotten a little boring, something grabs your attention and snaps you right back in awe. While the photos in the current list aren't from my own collection, the internet provides an even more incredible library of photos. 

Here are 29 fascinating photos that will leave you feeling amazed:


1. This shadow cast by two complete strangers on the street. 

Although you can't see them in the photo, their shadow is eye-catching. Even the pupper to the left thinks so! 

Reddit |  AlphaPlutonium

2. Sometimes it's fascinating how reckless people are on the roads. 

It's like that scene out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...except scarier because this is real life. Let's hope this little stunt had a happy ending! 

Reddit |  midnighthearts

3. Probably the most fascinating photobomb that could ever occur. 

I love this one because not only is there a turtle crashing their party, it's even looking directly at the camera.

Reddit |  StopClickBait

4. This Reddit user's friend was Robin Williams' housekeeper and they took this amazing picture together. 

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here but it sure makes you look. Housekeeping looks like a pretty fun job in this case! 

5. Apparently this little guy doesn't think that teddy bear is junk. 

Pets are awesome because they're so loving. (Although I did hear a rumor once that some cats will try to eat you in your sleep. Anyone know if this is true?)

Reddit |  Pravsy