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28 Hilarious Pinterest Beauty Mishaps

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Where does one even start with Pinterest? It's the most wonderful, addictive, slightly terrifying place of perfection. When it comes to wanting to try a new hairstyle or makeup do, where better to go than the bountiful boards of Pinterest?! There's really something for everybody. But what they don't tell you about Pinterest is...HOW HARD IT IS TO DO ANY OF THE TUTORIALS. Seriously what gives, Pinterest?! Why is everything so difficult to do?! All of these fails are insanely relatable and if we're being honest...we've ALL been there.

1. This worked out well.

Instagram | @kristenasamom

Her face says it all. Every time I try one of these ridiculous Pinterest hair tutorials, it never quite looks the way it's supposed to look. In fact, it couldn't be farther from what it's technically supposed to look like! Godspeed to all the people out there that desperately try to emulate Pinterest beauty tutorials.

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2. This is called the "Am I Doing This Right?" face mask.

Instagram | @little_litany

It's it SUPPOSED to look like that? Every single time I try to make my own face mask, thanks to Pinterest, it always ends up looking too much like a goop concoction. Honey, it's worth dropping some bones at CVS and just buying the dang product.

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3. This girl is all of us.

Tumblr | clairekerr

ALL OF US! Yaaas queen, you tell the Pinterest truth around the world! It's like, clearly these hair designs are meant to be done by absolute professionals. Why even bother trying to do them ourselves? It ain't worth it!

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4. This is the DEFINITION of nailing it.

Twitter | @DanielleSuzan

Theoretically, it should be easy, right?! I am DYING at the bottom picture. This is me not only when I try to do a Pinterest tutorial but when I try to paint my nails at all. Every single time! It's a mess! This is why it's important to go to a nail stylist because this is SAD.

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5. This is the best Pinterest fail of all time.

Instagram | @laurabirchnall

YES. THIS GIRL IS A GOSH DARN QUEEN. How is it that the models in the photos on Pinterest look like they've just waltzed out of a spa, and yet we're all Mrs. Doubtfire. We. Are. All. Mrs. Doubtfire. Which is fine, because who doesn't love Mrs. Doubtfire?!

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6. Every time I put on a mask I terrify myself in the mirror. 

Reddit | NetherlandsOates 

HORRIFYING. I'm what nightmares are made of and it's so scary and I legitimately scare children when they pass me. A pro of this is that you get a great skincare product AND a Halloween costume all in one! How cool is that?! Pretty great, right? Definitely get your money's worth.

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7. Is it possible to NOT have red skin after using a facial?

Instagram | @fitness_shenanigan

Gosh, this is me every single time I try a new cream or beauty tip from Pinterest. It's like that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha gets a chemical peel and then terrifies everyone when she goes to Carrie's book launch? REMEMBER THAT ICONIC PIECE OF TELEVISION? We are all Samantha.

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8. I'm available for weddings, proms, etc...

Twitter | @sunryz83

JUST KIDDING. Updo fails are the epitome of a Pinterest fail. Seriously — they make them look so easy! Ridiculously easy, if you will. But when it comes to trying the updo...this is it, every single dang time! It's like I completely forget how to use my hands. I turn into straight up Edward Scissorhands.

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9. This should just be a new look. 

Instagram | @jazwax

It's messy chic, yeah? Or, it kind of looks like you just dipped your fingers into some sorbet and THAT'S adorable, isn't it?! Nail art is overrated anyway. Who cares. Yes, I'm bitter because I can never do a proper nail tutorial but whatever. SUE ME.

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10. Me 24/7.

Twitter | @smwinckel

Can everyone stop trying to make heatless curls a thing? Like "fetch", they will never be a thing! Because they honestly never work. Everyone always ends up looking like they just haven't brushed their hair in forever. Which, I'm all about embracing this hairstyle because who ever wants to actually do their hair? NOT THIS GIRL.

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11. Can there be a Pinterest tutorial on how to do Pinterest tutorials?

Twitter | @Henjealy

Because honestly, that's something that I could get behind. Much like this lovely woman, I am often looking at the picture on a Pinterest tutorial and thinking...what in good god have I done?! And why doesn't my hair look EXACTLY the way the model's does?! It's truly ridiculous that I don't look exactly like her!

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12. But like, this still looks cute?!

Twitter | @Lexxylou23

I can get down with this hairstyle though. But also, SOCKS?! SOCKS, PINTEREST? Here's the thing though: this hairstyle is totally in right now and this girl is absolutely rocking it. So I'm not sure that this can really be considered a Pinterest fail. It's a Pinterest WIN, y'all. Glass is half full and I'm here for it.

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13. This is the realest thing in the world.

Twitter | @twistedsisterlm

I can't handle how accurate this is! It hurts! The dreaded, godforsaken smoky eye! Whoever can conquer a smoky eye is my absolute hero because I continually turn into the Winter Soldier, as seen below. Either that or I look like I have a black eye, or I've been crying all day. What a mess.

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14. It looks like cheesecake.

Twitter | @radiohelen1

And you know what? I'm counting this as a Pinterest win as well. Because this looks like a delicious strawberry cheesecake and it's making me hungry. And you know what? What more could you want in nail art? All nails should remind you of delicious sweet treats.

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15. This meme FTW.

Twitter | @ColourStLouis

We are all this meme. I've never seen anything so truthful in my entire life. When you think you're going to look like Jennifer Lopez and you end up looking like...well, this. It's fine. We're all fine. Right?! Let's all embrace our Pinterest fails and live life to the fullest.

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16. The classic failed bun tutorial.

Instagram | @femnerd

Right off the bat, bun tutorials and hacks are pretty hard to conquer if you aren't a hair stylist. But there's something truly special about Pinterest bun tutorials and how bizarre they are. And how they LITERALLY NEVER WORK. There's not a lot of things you can depend on in this world, but you CAN depend on a Pinterest tutorial always failing. Always.

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17. Never try a Pinterest brush hack.

Instagram | @thatgirlmitch247

NEVER. Because this will always happen. Anybody else cringing when they see this? Getting a shiver down your spine, chills all over at the horror? Anytime I read a hack or tutorial that involves a special kind of brushing to give you more volume, I run the other way. I RUN FOR THE DANG HILLS!

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18. Oh you know, the ol' Sharpie nail polish hack.

Instagram | @lovebydebsblog

This has me SHOOK. Thank you, Pinterest, for telling me to use a Sharpie when I don't have any nail polish left. Because yes, this always looks REALLY GOOD. *pause* ARE YOU KIDDING ME PINTEREST? There are simply no words for the craziness of this.

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19. When Pinterest gives you hacks to use all your makeup.

Instagram | @jennycameron_realtor

Okay, this is actually pretty useful but let's be honest. If it's come to this point, it's an absolute fail. It's time to get it together, go to CVS, and get yourself new foundation! This is your life honey! No time for fails like this. But honestly, this is very relatable.

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20. Yep, this sounds about right.

Instagram | @gabrielleboyle

Charcoal masks are supposed to come off effortlessly, are they not? Good thing they ABSOLUTELY NEVER DO. It always looks like I have some sort of horrifying skin disease. Also, these masks are just terrifying in general. I'm sad they exist and can we all make a pact to stop using them? It looks like we're robbing a bank.

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21. Classic self-tanning fail.

One Good Thing By Jillee | One Good Thing By Jillee

I too have tried to remedy my glowing skin with self-tanner. I never feel satisfied with the first application and always try for a second layer. That's where things go wrong. The streaks are REAL.

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22. This always happens to me.

Craft Fail | Craft Fail

Why are nails literally the hardest thing to do? Like, barring the fact that your dominant hand always looks like a mess, you should be able to cobble together a half-decent look on the good hand.

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23. Yeah, Kool-Aid lip stain sounds like a bad idea.

Pinterest | Sonja Foust, Pintester

I'm not sure how they got the top picture looking so good, because, in my experience, Kool-Aid indiscriminately stains everything it comes into contact with. Sorry about the counters, Mom.

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24. Literally every time I try a fancy hairstyle.

Tumblr | clairekerr

Yes, anything other than a French braid counts as fancy. I am not built for this, OK?

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Why is this all of us trying to replicate the stuff we see on Pinterest?

Giphy | Giphy

The smile, the head tilt, the desperate cry for help...

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25. She tried her best.

Imgur | thewetnoodlepics

I think the trick with this particular hack is that you have to just give up and eat a sprinkle cupcake instead.

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26. Predictably, this didn't work at all.

Pinterest | Sonja Foust, Pinterest

I would call this a beauty fail, but it's not like it would work for anyone. Like, ever. This hack had no chance.

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27. It technically worked...

Pinterest | Kait Killgo

The girl on the right seems to have gotten a bit overzealous and made her knots too tight. Just rock the tight curls, girl.

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28. I feel you girl, I feel you.

Instagram | @andreafriedmanphotography

Contouring is some kind of magic, I swear. How do you blend this? Where do you even start?!

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None of these hacks seem to work IRL...

Giphy | Giphy

The amount of effort and skill it would take to make any of these work for the average human being doesn't seem realistic, but that's none of my business.

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