16 Pics As Satisfying As Thinking It's Thursday But Realizing It's Actually Friday

Diply 16 Feb 2018

You know the feeling: You're dragging your feet into the office, thinking about how the week has felt so horribly long and you wish it was Friday. And then, it happens.

A "TGIF" from a coworker hits you with the realization that it's actually Friday. It's like the universe heard your wish and it's oh so satisfying, just like the photos below.

1. Like how this snow curls so nicely as it slides from the roof of a shed.

Reddit | loyalantar

Yeah, someone should probably knock it down before it falls on a person's head, but can we take a moment to appreciate it before destroying it?

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2. That short time when the shadow cast by the building lines up perfectly with the lines on the field.

Reddit | UnicornBaconFarts

It's probably nice and cool in that shady spot. I just want to lay out a blanket and read all day.

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3. Starting your day fully charged and ready for anything.

Twitter | @StealingMoney

I sometimes wish I could plug myself in overnight and always start the day at 100% capacity. But then I realize that would make me a robot, so I just have coffee instead.

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4. Speaking of coffee, I could watch this latte artist work all day.


There is something so satisfying about watching a master at work. It's way more impressive than my usual way of just dumping way too much milk into my morning joe.

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5. How lovely is this box of cherry tomatoes? 

Reddit | madmansmarker

While it's important not to judge food just by aesthetics and thus increase the amount of wasted produce because of it, these perfect tomatoes sure are pretty.

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6. If you get lost in how hypnotic this gif is, I don't blame you.


Sure, the turntable is doing some of the work, but it takes a very steady hand to keep the Sharpie moving inwards so evenly.

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7. Now I'm craving some peanut butter.

Twitter | @Remittance_Man

This person is right, though. For some things, that first scoop can feel like you're ruining the perfection of a smooth surface. But with peanut butter, it's meant to be.

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8. Raise your hand if you totally do this at the bank.

Reddit | brainiac555

Although I am rolling my eyes at the super cheap ballpoint pen being secured to the counter. If you're going to chain it, at least make it a good pen.

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9. Sometimes, it's just the little things that satisfy. 

Reddit | sjt112486

Like this line of perfect little drops of condensation that formed on the edge of this coffee cup. They're like little pearls.

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10. Perfectly portioned pancakes. 

Twitter | @freemansbackup

Like any person who makes pancakes, this cook clearly got the hang of it halfway through the batch. That first container is a bit squashed, but the second is perfection.

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11. "Walking back to the car and noticed that the bushes were perfectly spaced to look like my tires. I was a bit confused for a moment." — Musickitten

Reddit | Musickitten

I totally would have snapped a pic to share as well.

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12. How the ink from this pen leaked into the lid and dried in a perfect sphere. 

Reddit | apple5050

Totally cool, but dude, we need to have a talk about your choice of writing equipment. That kind of leak really shouldn't happen.

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13. It's an image like this that reminds us that winter can often be beautiful. 

Reddit | hailiar

At least until that lovely snow on the branches falls to the ground and becomes brown slush.

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14. "When you pour a drink exactly to the rim." — KatmaSutra

Reddit | KatmaSutra

Is it annoying to have to slurp the excess from the cup before you can safely pick it up? Sure, but that doesn't stop the pour from being satisfying.

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15. This lava dried in a way that looks like rumpled fabric. 

Reddit | Palana

This effect is created by Pahoehoe lava, which is common around Hawaii. When the lava cools, it has a ropey, billowy texture.

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16. Be honest, watching the cards bounce was the entire reason you spent so many hours playing Windows Solitaire, wasn't it?


If you are the type of person who would press a button to stop the animation, you are a monster.

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