6. The shadow created by this barge looks exactly like a city skyline. 

Is the angle of the sun exaggerating the height of the ship, or is it incredibly top heavy? We may never know. 

Reddit |  TeaGossips

7. This absolutely stunning photo of a fireman during the fire in Doñana, Spain. How fitting, right?

The caption on this photo on Reddit read, "Not all heroes wear capes..." So true.  

Reddit |  Ibleedcarrots

8. This photo has taken on a whole different meaning now in today's political atmosphere.

Can you imagine waiting to go into surgery with the anesthesia flowing and you look up to see ol' Pootie-Poot looking right at you? 

9. This lady waiting in this person's terminal that has a killer handlebar mustache. 

OK, obviously the luggage handle is perfectly aligned with where that 'stache would go, but if you blur your eyes, the gift just keeps givin'. 

Reddit |  coldcursive

10. The water being flung onto this majesty elephant somehow forms into a smaller, smiling elephant. How is this even possible??

This is some next level coincidence! Definitely my favorite shot on this list by far. 

Reddit |  BasedOnAir