Armageddon is just one of those movies that is so ridiculous, so absurd, that it becomes completely endearing. So many times the words, "wait, what?" want to leave my mouth, but I stifle them out of respect for the sheer madness that is this film.  This movie has everything. Oil riggers becoming astronauts in 18 days? You got it. NASA unable to build a drill as well as Bruce Willis? Absolutely. A Mad Max-esque lunar rover equipped with a machine gun? Sure, why not. So, to commemorate almost two decades of a charmingly ludicrous movie, here are some behind the scenes truths about Armageddon.


1. Michael Bay has made more than a few questionable movie-making choices, but he's said that Armageddon is the worst film he's ever made.

He also said he would redo the entire third act if he could. Trust me, no one is asking for this.

2. Steve Buscemi did the film because he was told that his character Rockhound (the selfish stripper-loving gambling addict) was a heroic geologist. 

I prefer sleazy Buscemi to hero Buscemi any day!


3. Aw, what a softy! Bruce Willis looked at pictures of his own daughters to help him cry when he was saying his goodbyes to Liv Tyler in the movie.

4. Ben Affleck asked Michael Bay if it wouldn't be easier to train astronauts how to drill rather than train drillers how to become astronauts. Bay told him to shut up.

I imagine it was more along the lines of, "shut that pretty little mouth Ben" or, "don't you worry that giant handsome head of yours."