6 People Who Proved How Powerful Makeup Is

Diply 6 Feb 2017

The beauty community is huge online, and they're always coming up with pretty awesome challenges. Have you ever seen the full face of glitter makeup challenge? It's pretty awesome. One challenge that went viral is the power of makeup challenge. It's such a cool challenge that proves how powerful makeup really is. Check out these girls who participated in this amazing challenge!

The left side of her face is so dramatic! 

Instagram | @powerofmakeup

Smokey eye and a red lip. So beautiful!

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College Humor | College Humor

She's quite beautiful with and without makeup.

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Her freckles are so cute. 

Her Beauty | Her Beauty
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This challenge is so cool! 

YouTube | NikkieTutorials
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A lot of people like to criticize others on the internet for their makeup. 

Instagram | @camilaxmorales

So it's quite amazing that these girls aren't afraid to show both sides of themselves online.

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This challenge is helping people become more comfortable in their skin! 

Instagram | @shalom_blac

I love the message behind it.

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