This Pasta Jewelry Speaks To Us On A Deeply Emotional Level

Diply 6 Oct 2017

When it comes to pendants, most of us stick to the classics: a heart, a stone, maybe our first initial. But when's the last time you bought a piece of jewelry that really spoke to you?

You know, something that truly embodied who you are as a person, something that actually made up 75% of your body — something like pasta.

This rotini pasta necklace is making me hungry.

Delicacies Jewelry | Delicacies Jewelry

A company called Delicacies Jewelry has just released an "Al Dente" collection, which includes several pasta-themed pendants.

I'm writing this at 10 a.m. and I'd do just about anything (yes, an-y-thing) for a bowl for rotini right now.

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"Tasteful jewelry for people who love food."—Delicacies Jewelry


Check and check, sounds like me.I'm always looking for new ways to add food into my life, particularly in those empty moments when I'm not eating (rare).Needless to say, I am very excited for this collection.

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My stomach just growled.

Delicacies Jewelry | Delicacies Jewelry

According to Delicacies Jewelry, each pasta pendant has its own meaning and purpose for the wearer.

For example, this farfalle pendant (aka bowtie pasta for plebs like me) promotes passion, happiness, creativity, and renewal.

Well, yes. It's pasta. Of course it promotes happiness.

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More penne, please.

Delicacies Jewelry | Delicacies Jewelry

Right now, I'm day-dreaming about a bowl of penne, tossed in a rosé sauce, covered in grated Parmesan cheese, and garnished with a little fresh parsley.

My stomach is literally eating itself.

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This bucatini pendant promotes passion, strength, perseverance, and wisdom.

Delicacies Jewelry | Delicacies Jewelry

Passion, as in my passion for pasta.

Strength and perseverance, as in what I'll need to continue eating pasta well beyond feeling full.

And wisdom, as in the wise choice I regularly make to eat pasta.

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So, now that I'm dying of hunger...

Rebloggy | Rebloggy

Today officially calls for two lunches, both consisting of pasta.

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