13 Amazing Life Hacks For Awesome Organization

Diply 22 Dec 2016

I'm always on the lookout for clever ways to organize my space. It's just so unsettling to look around and see items strewn about the house in no particular order. Being organized just makes life so much simpler and it gives you great peace of mind, too. Oh, and did I mention it makes your space look amazing? That's true too.

Here are 19 incredibly smart ways to organize your home:

1. Use Command Hooks for your cables

Facebook | Wow Amazing

Do you want your cables to get tangled? No? Try using Command Hooks instead. It's so much better than throwing them in a ball in your drawer.

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2. Use an old wine box for shoe storage

Tumblr | Fashion Diva Design

Can there ever be enough shoe storage?

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3. Velcro your remotes


Put an end to all the "WHERE'S THE REMOTE?!?!" talk and just use Velcro instead.

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4. Use hooks, not bars

Harvard Homemaker

Hooks make everything look more tidy. As a plus, you won't have to waste time straightening out the towels every time you walk by!

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5. Organize your gift and rewards cards with a key ring

Cooking at Cafe D

Stop missing out on all your rewards, and instead, group all your cards together in a convenient key ring.

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6. Use shelf risers to organize your DVD collection

IKEA Hackers

More tiers = more storage.

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7. Make a magnetic bathroom rack

darkroom and dearly

Free up some space in your medicine cabinet and stop wasting time digging for your tweezers at the same time.

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8. Put your power bar in your nightstand

reddit | [deleted]

Power bars and cords are an eyesore, so opt for this instead.

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9. Use an out-of-sight mailbox

Tumblr | thetidycorner

The ultimate solution to your mail problem. Plus, no more mail piled up all around the house. Instead, it's all neatly tucked away at the side of a counter.

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10. Repurpose a silverware organizer as a family toothbrush holder

Little Penelope Lane | Little Penelope Lane

Way better than keeping them loose on the counter.

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11. Make use of a peg board and zip ties

reddit | ceramic_cup

G-E-N-I-U-S. No more unsightly wires!

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12. Use shower curtain hooks in your closet

Imgur | Imgur

They act just like hangers but without the bulk. This is perfect for storing bags, belts, and even ties.

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13. Fold your plastic bags into triangles instead of tossing them in another bag

Instructable | allekob

Think of all the space you'll save!

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