Mom Warning Other Moms After Mold Found In Baby's Sophie Toy

Diply 16 Jan 2017

The "Sophie" giraffe has been a popular toy for babies for a while now. They were popular when my daughter was a baby and she is now eight. This soft, chewable rubber giraffe is great for soothing babies when they are teething so it only makes sense that they would sell like hot cakes. Babies are totally attracted to these chewy types of toys, but the toys themselves also attract something else — mold.

1. Dana Chianese, a pediatric dentist from New Jersey, has been warning other moms to be careful when letting their children chew on the ever-popular Sophie the Giraffe.  

Instagram | @littlebabies69
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2. After smelling something musty coming from her son's Sophie, she decided to cut it open out of curiosity. 

Good Housekeeping | Good Housekeeping

She did not expect to see "a science experiment living inside," as she told

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3. Dana also said that she regularly cleaned the toy according to the instructions. 

YouTube | Clay Moore

She would use hot, soapy water with a damp sponge and would never submerge the toy into water.

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4. So what if you cut open your child's toy and find mold? 

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According to Dr. Lyuba Konopasek, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York Presbyterian/Weil Cornell Medical Center, exposure to mold in toys is usually not something to be too alarmed about, unless your child has an immune disorder. However, if your child does have a mold allergy, they may start experiencing symptoms such as coughing, itchy eyes, or skin rashes.

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