16 Ways Women Pull The Wool Over Our Eyes

Diply 7 Sep 2016

We all know that dealing with the opposite sex can be treacherous! Not only are relationships a veritable battlefield of sticky situations, where any misstep could spell disaster, but even the little things that we take for granted sometimes turn out to be completely false! From the very beginning—the puck drop of any relationship—one must constantly be on their toes, lest these wily women deceive us in one or more of a million different ways. Here are a few examples to help you narrow down the clues!

1. What Is This Sorcery?

Twitter | @FunnyPicsDepot

You should strive to always take them near water in the beginning, both to ensure that they're not wearing ALL the make up, and also to prove once and for all that they are not witches.

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2. Funhouse Funbags 

reddit | caseydiamandis

Always thoroughly inspect the photos they send, fellas—don't get distracted and let your mind wander!

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3. The Old "Flattering Angle" Trick, Eh!

TickleTroll | TickleTroll

Always demand photos from a variety of angles and in different lighting, lest they be using some kind of advanced photography skills to manipulate you into thinking that they're actually attractive!

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4. A Wild Snorlax Appeared!

LipstickAlley | LipstickAlley

Yet another example of a man who let things go to far without getting to the bottom of who he was dealing with! At least you can survive Facetime, unlike...

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5. Rest In Peace Brother

Twitter | @VictorYo_

If you fail to adhere to these simple tenants, you may wind up like our man here, dreams and pelvis crushed by his own cavalier bravado!

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6. Seriously Though, Stop!

DisturbingMakeupLies | DisturbingMakeupLies

This is the reason that "I'll be ready in five minutes" is always an enormous damned lie!

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7. 6 A.M. Vs. 6 P.M.

reddit | fatsoo

Just kidding, no woman has ever been ready by 6PM! I'm bringing my Super Soaker on dates from now on.

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8. Burn The Witch!

reddit | Smokey0703

How dare she lie to us about the size of her sweater puppets! No man has ever, once, EVER, lied about the size of anything! EVER!

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9. Not Crazy, Passionate!

Blunt Card | Blunt Card

Some might hold it back longer than others, but they're all crazy in the end!

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10. But I Thought Only Men Fart?

reddit | Tranquilize

This is actually what tells you you're already in it deep! If shes letting 'em rip in front of you, you might as well start ring shopping!

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11. Babe, Send Pics!

Diply | Diply

Those sexy selfies are bound to end at some point, frankly. If you make it all the way to marriage, you're lucky!

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12. Just Think Of It As Pre-Pre-Pregnancy Weight

BackyardPoultry | BackyardPoultry

Relationship gut is a thing, fellas—and it'll get ya!

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13. When Your Fantasy Dies

Dorkly | Dorkly

The big problem with fantasizing about 'gamer chicks' or 'sports chicks' is that you're always going to hype it up way too much in your head. Like Jurassic World, look how that turned out!

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14. I Just Like The Faces She Makes While She's Sleeping!

4shared | 4shared

You're the only one bro! Must be love.

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15. Sleeping Beauty My Ass

reddit | alsobrante

This is only acceptable on Sunday!

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16. All Of A Sudden, The Couch Doesn't Seem So Bad!

reddit | Doghouse Diaries

Don't argue, just buy a bigger bed and a really comfy couch, you won't win this one!

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