16 Frosty Margaritas To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Diply 4 May 2018

The beginning of May — usually, hopefully — marks the beginnings of patio season, where you can sit outside, drink cold cocktails, and pretend that all in the world is perfect.

For many, though, it also means Cinco de Mayo, an important celebration in honor of Mexico claiming victory over the French Empire in 1862.

You're probably going to use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to have a cocktail, but take the time to learn more about the significance of the day before you start mixing up these fabulous margaritas.

1. We'll start off with a classy margarita for a solid base.

The Cookful | The Cookful

There's lots of lime in this cool drink. Add some salt around the rim and start sipping them down to celebrate.

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2. Every sip of this frozen watermelon margarita is a sip of pure summer.

Living Locurto | Living Locurto

Make sure the icy watermelon chunks are properly frozen beforehand and blend it with fresh watermelon for a drink full of flavor.

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3. A little pineapple is the perfect way to sweeten up your margarita.

Delightful E Made | Delightful E Made

This recipe is tasty both on the rocks and blended, and the Cointreau adds a delicious flavor when mixed with the pineapple.

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4. It's always fun to play with different colors for your margs!

Baking Beauty | Baking Beauty

You just need four ingredients for these blue beauties: tequila, blue curaçao, lime juice, and triple sec. Drink on!

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5. I think that strawberry and mango is one of the best fruit combos.

Girl Heart Food | Girl Heart Food

These frozen margaritas are so full of fruity and slushy goodness that you might not even notice the alcohol — until you start to feel it.

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6. Incorporating tea can help a margarita go over the top.

Platings and Pairings | Platings and Pairings

This hibiscus margarita with grapefruit has plenty of zing, and the hibiscus concentrate is super easy with enough tea bags.

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7. Add a bit of extra kick to your margarita with a muddled jalapeño slice.

The Blond Cook | The Blond Cook

This pineapple jalapeño margarita gets some extra spice with chili powder around the rim, and you can make it as hot as you want with more jalapeño.

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8. Creamsicle goes with most things, but it's definitely fantastic in a margarita.

The Blond Cook | The Blond Cook

A bit of whipped vodka pairs with the tequila for a creamy margarita that you'll definitely want more of.

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9. The phrase "blackberry lemonade" already perks up my ears, but with "margarita"? Brilliant.

Valerie's Kitchen | Valerie's Kitchen

There's no cheap margarita mix here — just gorgeously fresh ingredients mixed to absolute perfection for a warm evening.

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10. Blood orange is the perfect citrus pairing for a vibrant margarita.

Fake Ginger | Fake Ginger

You'll want some fresh-squeezed blood orange juice as well as orange liqueur for the stunning color in these margaritas.

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11. It's time to break out the cranberry juice.

Simply Whisked | Simply Whisked

This cranberry margarita is all kinds of amazing, and you won't even have to juice many limes to get that tart margarita flavor.

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12. Just the words "prickly pear margarita" feel delicious in my mouth.

Will Cook for Friends | Will Cook for Friends

Don't let the prickles fool you. This fruit makes a delicate and sweet margarita that you'll want to drink again and again.

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13. Coconut milk mixed with raspberries results in a surprisingly refreshing margarita.

Food Recipe Search | Food Recipe Search

Also, did you notice the sprinkles around the rim of the glass? This margarita isn't afraid to be pretty in pink!

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14. Mango is always a win, no matter what you pair with it.

The Lemon Bowl | The Lemon Bowl

Try out your mango margarita with chili lime salt around the rim to add some kick to the sweet mango.

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15. If you haven't figured it out already, experimenting with different citrus fruits in margaritas is a must.

A Spicy Perspective | A Spicy Perspective

You can't deny that a pink grapefruit margarita has a certain zing that you just have to try.

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16. We all love a good margarita, but have you tried a tropical margarita sangria?

Wine and Glue | Wine and Glue

This fruity drink takes the lime juice, triple sec, and tequila from a margarita and mixes it with fruit and lots of pineapple juice.

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