15 Marble Contact Paper Hacks That Are Both Cheap And Chic

Diply 23 Jan 2018

I often say that a can of gold spray paint can immediately make the cheapest dollar store item look like a million bucks. If I were to pick a pattern that would do the same thing, it would 100% be marble.

It's trendy, it's chic, and while the real thing is pretty expensive, using marble contact paper definitely isn't. A roll of contact paper will likely set you back no more than $15, and you can use it on multiple projects. Are you ready to make your cheap stuff turn into Anthropologie-worthy home decor?

1. Cover an old clock, or make your own with a clock making kit.

Twine And Table | Twine And Table

You can buy a clock making kit, OR you can grab a cheap clock from the dollar store and use that instead.

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2. Light up your life by covering a lamp base.

Homey Oh My | Homey Oh My

The older I get, the more I realize that lamps are key when decorating your home. My apartment came with, like, one light in the bathroom. Why?!

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3. Don't forget about your doggo, too.

Dainty Dress Diaries | Dainty Dress Diaries

Even your pupper deserves to feel like a king or queen with their own chic water and food dishes. This actually looks like it belongs in a five star doggy hotel.

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4. Add some snaz to your e-reader or tablet cover.

Sugar And Cloth | Sugar And Cloth

Covers for these things can get pricey, but you also want to change it up sometimes. Just add a bit of contact paper to an old one to give it life.

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5. Want to look super chic at the office or in class?

The Lovely Drawer | The Lovely Drawer

Take those old, ugly notebooks and cover them with contact paper and rose gold accents. No one will make fun of your dollar store notebooks again.

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6. Is the whole all-white fad driving you crazy?

Plateful Of Love | Plateful Of Love

Add some contact paper to your frames to make them pop out from your walls. These look totally stunning and very unique.

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7. Don't forget about adding some fun to your kitchen!

A Joyful Riot | A Joyful Riot

It's super easy to wrap some contact paper around your boring wooden spoons. Apparently they even hold up to washing pretty well, too!

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8. You can pretty much cover any surface with this stuff and it makes it look super luxe.

The Vault Files | The Vault Files

Whether it's a nightstand, a coffee table, or even your kitchen counters, this stuff works wonders.

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9. You know those photoboxes you can get at the dollar store or craft store that are often super ugly?

Polished Habitat | Polished Habitat

Just wrap them with the marble contact paper and they are given life.

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10. You can cover everyday items with marble contact paper and they are immediately 100 times cooler. 

Pinterest | Pinterest

I mean, I hate the designs on all tissue boxes, but this one I could live with.

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11. Rubik's cubes are super cool, but I'm over the rainbow color scheme.

Hege In France | Hege In France

Using some contact paper and a bit of paint, you can achieve this super chic cube that even professionals will pine after.

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12. Nothing says grown up and chic like having a bar cart on display.

Sand And Sisal | Sand And Sisal

Basically showcasing your ability to have unopened bottles of wine and partially full bottles of booze on display on a pretty cart equals being an adult.

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13. A microwave probably wouldn't have been my first choice to cover in marble paper, but you know what? It works.

Home Talk | Home Talk

You can definitely go overboard with this stuff though, so be careful you don't cover your cat.

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14. The lost art of letter writing needs to make a comeback.

Fall For DIY | Fall For DIY

And with these DIY marble envelopes, I think there is a good chance it might. I'd love to receive this in the mail. ?

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15. The best DIYs are the ones where you take your garbage and turn it into something beautiful and useful.

eHow | eHow

Like this old cereal box that immediately becomes a super chic magazine holder that anyone would want on their desk.

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So, are you ready to make your home the marble mansion it deserves to be?

Giphy | Giphy

COMMENT to let us know which DIY you're going to be trying first.

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