Kendall Jenner Just Had The Best Response To Tweets About Her Acne At The Golden Globes

Diply 9 Jan 2018

There are few things worse than prepping for a big night out, only to discover that a cluster of pimples have decided to take up residence on your face. For us mere mortals, acne is annoying AF. But can you imagine being a celebrity getting ready for a red carpet event who's also dealing with problem skin?

That's exactly what happened to Kendall Jenner at the annual Golden Globes. And in true Kendall fashion, she rocked her acne with complete confidence and grace. After Twitter took notice of the way she slayed the red carpet with less than perfect skin, the supermodel responded with a message that we should all keep in mind on the daily.

Although there were, unfortunately, some negative comments surrounding the model's acne, there were thankfully many more positive ones. 

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The way Kendall completely rocked her acne on the red carpet inspired many Twitter users to think less about their own problem skin. 

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After one Twitter user posted this encouraging comment, the supermodel herself gave a kick-ass response. 

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"Never let that shit stop you!" Kendall tweeted. 

Twitter | @KendallJenner

This is something we should all keep in mind when it comes to our appearances. Kendall showed that we can't let a little bit of acne stop us from doing the things we want to do.

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Plus, as the world's highest-paid model of 2017, we're betting a few pimples are the least of Kendall's worries. 

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You go, Kenny.

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