16 Insane Illusion Cakes That Are Guaranteed To Make You Look Twice

Diply 29 Sep 2017

I've dabbled in cake decorating over the years, and even tried my hand at cakes that look like other objects, but never have I made something as good as these illusion cakes.

From looking like other foods to highly complex objects, these illusion cakes have insane amounts of detail! Check them out!

1. What's a birthday party without pizza?

Instagram | @charisroussel

I know, technically you usually have pizza for the meal and cake for dessert, but why not have your cake and pizza, too?

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2. How about a bite of these juicy ribs?

Reddit | brutalbee

Nope! These are cake too! The choice of red velvet is particularly inspired since it keeps the illusion going even after you slice into it.

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3. How do you feel about a little bit of Indian food?

Instagram | @paynecharlottee

Too bad, because this chicken tikka masala and rice is also cake! The rice is particularly awesome, putting the classic "grass" piping tip to a new use.

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4. This turtle is turtley enough for the Turtle Club.

Reddit | msoto15

Even though he, too, is cake. The airbrushing is particularly good on this one, making the coloring look really natural.

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5. It's peanut butter jelly time!

Reddit | lopalop

Only this time, the peanut butter frosting and homemade jelly are slathered between two slices of cake. The lemon is for scale, which... whoa, big sandwich.

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6. Peanut butter and jelly is good for the kids, but what about a grown-up sandwich?

Instagram | @helenrussellbrown

The bread is a classic Madeira cake, the steak is actually brownies, and the cheese is made of chocolate.

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7. Or maybe you're in the mood for a burger with all the fixings?

Instagram | @lubaboombakes

This meal comes with frosting dipping sauces and French fry cookies. The gloss on the "bun" is great.

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8. What do you do with a piñata after it's been smashed? This one, you eat.

Reddit | Shortkaik

The center of this cake is a proper piñata, ready to be smashed for candy, but the rest of it is tasty, tasty birthday cake.

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9. Relive the '90s with this boombox.

Instagram | @stanleyscakeboutique

Illusion cakes aren't all about looking like other foods. For this cake, absolutely everything is edible, even the albums. Tastiest throwback ever.

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10. Play a game of chess before digging in.

Reddit | SlytherinF1

Since no one ever wants to be the person to cut into one of these perfect creations, perhaps the loser should do the honors here.

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11. Solve the cake vs. pie debate for good.

Instagram | @tlcfoodsofhanbury

This cake looks just like a meat pie, but look at how amazing the "gravy" is! It appears to be some form of caramel sauce.

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12. Many illusion cakes depend on fondant or gum paste, but not this one.

CakeYep | CakeYep

Though the leaves and acorns are made of fondant, the cake itself took just some really good carving and frosting skills.

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13. These pancakes aren't really a breakfast food.

Reddit | judo_bron

Well, I guess you could eat cake for breakfast, but just know that I'm judging you for it. But only a little bit.

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14. This purse may be a knock-off, but it's totally chic.

Instagram | @flossie_pops

If you look closely, you can see that the decorator has actually given the fondant a leather-like texture. It's awesome!

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15. This purse cake is just insane, though.

Instagram | @dinkydoodledawn

I mean, look at it! If I didn't know better, I would be convinced it was real. And the fact it can be lifted without falling apart is amazing.

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16. Want to one-up the wedding cupcake tower? 

Instagram | @emilyhankinscakes

How about 100 entirely edible, cake-filled teacups? Oh, and every single one of them is hand painted with food coloring. Bar raised!

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