16 Totally Wholesome Pictures That Are Nice And You Should Feel Nice And Laugh A Bit

Diply 24 Apr 2017

Need some assistance making that lemonade? A helping hand to guide you to greener pastures?
Look no further friend, I've got just the remedy to pick you up from the dumps!
If you were looking for that spoonful of sugar to help your medicine go down, here it is in the form of 16 hilarious pictures sure to bring that back your smile in the most delightful way.

1. That awkward silence after talking about the weather with someone you just met.

Instagram | @oldschoolrascal
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2. Time with dad is always well spent.

Twitter | @babymusic_aes
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3. When the milk hits just right for your future metal head.

Reddit | jseyfer
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4. Dad clearly felt one was more than enough. 

Reddit | RockNRollMama
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5. Party on Garth. The force is strong with this one.

Reddit | gavhimself_
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6. When your wife gives him human food and you offer actual dog food.

Twitter | @SickenedSteve
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7. Caught red pawed once again.

Twitter | @FunnyDumpLive
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8. You and bae enjoying a nice cruise through town.

Twitter | @myfriend_bella
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9. The name of that Vitamin Water works too well here.

Instagram | @emilyhaskell23
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10. New division of Uber for reptiles and amphibians called "Gator."

Twitter | @ForWhatsapp_Com
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11. This kid's menu really knows how to crush children's dreams.

Reddit | Reddit
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12. Reverse sandwich anyone? I think I'll pass.

Instagram | @nutting.banana
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13. Before the Internet people had to resort to this to get attention.

Reddit | jimngo
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14. Dylan was home schooled up to this point in life. According to him, it's all down hill now.

Instagram | @captainfairybread
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15. This is about as aggressive we Canadians get.

Reddit | Saucypikl
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16. Just look at that face! He totally deserves every gift!

Instagram | @plshelpimconfused
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