8 Gifts Perfect For That Person In Your Life Who Is Always Cold

Diply 10 Nov 2017

Are you always freezing or do you know someone whose fingers are basically icicles at all times? Then these gifts will be perfect! Whether you want them for yourself or to give to your cold friend, they're sure to warm up someone's heart — and their icy toes.

1. Fingerless mittens.

Etsy | knititouthandmade

You have things to do but when your hands are cold it's hard to get anything done. These mittens give you freedom to wiggle your fingers but also keep your hands and wrists toasty warm!

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2. Fuzzy socks that fit in your boots.

Charmingly Styled | Charmingly Styled

Cold people always have cold feet, but those fuzzy socks often don't fit in your boots. Get these high socks that are fluffy enough to keep your feet warm, but not so much that you can't fit into your winter boots.

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3. A big comfy blanket!

Etsy | Ohhio

Any old blanket just won't do. You need to be able to transport into a new world when you wrap this shield from the cold around your shoulders.

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4. Bath bombs!

Instagram | @musee_bath

Baths and winter go together beautifully, especially for cold people — so get that special someone some bubbly, sweet-scented bath bombs to really warm up their bath and make their life cozy.

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5. A cookbook!

Amazon | Amazon

Nothing warms up the body and soul like some chili or a hearty soup or stew. Get them a cookbook so they can keep their tummy just as warm!

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6. The cutest fire starter!

Something Turquoise | Something Turquoise

Fires are festive and the prettiest things to warm up next to. If you want to add some more sentiment to it, you can make your own — but buying them is perfectly fine too!

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7. An adorable headband!

Etsy | NatalieKnit

So much cuter than a hat, and they keep your ears snug and warm. This fox ear headband is made my NatalieKnit on Etsy and she makes so many other types!

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8. The Toasty Mug.

Instagram | @tacitadecafe_

A warm beverage heats up your insides, but if you're always cold, your hands are probably like ice. With the Toasty Mug you can keep your hands warm and enjoy any hot drink!

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