22 Funny Shower Curtains. Yeah, You Read That Right, Funny Shower Curtains!

Diply 2 Sep 2016

Everyone showers! Well, except for Keith in accounting, but we've learned to deal with that by now. Take a hint Keith, we got you that bath bomb for your birthday on purpose!

Anyway, every morning when I step into my bathroom and get ready for a hot, steamy one, I get a little disappointed in the lackluster design of my boring old shower curtain. I'm sure it's a plague that's affected your life in one way or another as well! Today, we put an end to that dilemma as we look for inspiration to spruce up that shallow water pit we call a shower. So put on your caps, grab a damp loofah and let's check out these funny/cool shower curtains! Yep, this article is literally 16 pictures of awesome shower curtains. Enjoy!

1. Best way to start the morning

reddit | GiveMeBackMySon
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2. My only goal in life is to be at least half as cool as this shower curtain

reddit | MovieGirl424
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3. Everything that matters in the world is encapsulated in this single image

reddit | Chunkums916
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4. One of the very few times that showering should be considered "social"

reddit | RandomDuckWithAHat
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5. Forget the haters, this is beautiful! Don't sloth-shame, you guys.

reddit | flabbypatty
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6. For those who need a new disguise each morning.

reddit | XxWhIpLaSh18xX

Oversized glasses and fake nose optional.

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7. I guess this is a good one if you hate the people you live with...

reddit | MrBanana6261
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8. YouTub: live steam 

reddit | saxophone156

Looks great, but the videos on the side seem even more interesting. Like, who the heck is your plumber?

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9. There's only one appropriate response to seeing this curtain in your bathroom:

Imgur | Athena428

♫ Heyyyy yayyy yayyy yayyyyuh, Heyyyy yay yay. I SAID HEY... Wat's going on! ♫

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10. Man, we really do rely on the internet for everything these days!

reddit | craned77
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11. I'd say this one's pretty wild

reddit | markuswolfson
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12. I don't know how you'd get more "manly" than this!

reddit | Chopperguy
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13. Sloth Kong, not a monster, just misunderstood

reddit | downvote64


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14. We saw He-Man earlier, but this is the true master of the universe: 

reddit | moopymooperson
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15. Looks like Caillou is really getting into CSI

reddit | RHCPent
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16. This last one is either a great Halloween idea or the best way to cover up the fact that you're a serial killer

reddit | DirigibleWolf
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17. Sometimes, you need a solid upgrade

reddit | Dr_Siouxs
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18. "Spider-Man, more like Peter Peeker"

reddit | bartarton1
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19. Do you really want Jesus watching you poop?

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20. One small step for sloths, one giant leap for shower curtains

reddit | rfbandit
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21. If your gf lets you keep that, she's wife material

reddit | Corymfg
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22. Wake up to your favorite things!

reddit | boyforsale
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