There are always so many awesome stories about mythical beings, animals, or anything that just seems a bit surreal. The tales I've always found most fascinating have to do with the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. Unfortunately for one of those things, it's easily disproven (see ya, Nessie). Bigfoot, however, isn't as easy to disprove, so I like to convince myself there's a possibility that at least one of them exist. Could you imagine stumbling across a family of Bigfoots? It would definitely be an awesome surprise, but it's probably not likely. Well, one particular Bigfoot enthusiast claims that he has found a skull belonging to Bigfoot, but experts say otherwise...

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Bigfoot could be hiding anywhere. He could be in a forest, in some long grass or... On your car? Probably not.

Todd May, a man from Utah, believes he has found Bigfoot's skull.


According to May, he spotted a handprint on top of a rounded surface. He dug in that area and uncovered what he believed to be a Bigfoot's skull.

Daily Mail - Wichita Falls Times Record News |  Torin Halsey

However, experts believe that the skull is actually something entirely different.