When you have a child your heart is filled with so much love... so much so that it is almost too much to bear. At least for me, it was. When I gave birth to my two children, I thought that my heart was going to explode and when it comes to my children I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve. This little baby boy was born wearing a heart — not on his sleeve, but rather his forehead. 


Çinar Engin was born to parents, Murat and Ceyda in Ankara, Turkey. 

When their little boy was born and the nurse wiped the blood from his face, his mother noticed the birthmark right away. 

Ceyda told The Daily Mail, "I was really surprised. When I came to close his head I realized that it was an amazing heart. It was difficult for me to keep my tears."

The family believes that the unusual birthmark is special and brings good luck. 


This adorable baby boy was quite the star in the delivery room, having nurses stop to take selfies with him. 

How could you not?! Beautiful! His family and friends call him the "love baby" because of his special marking. 

Çinar is the first in his family to have this sweet birthmark and it made him many fans around the hospital. 

He is known around the hospital by the doctors and nurses as "hearted boy." 

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