23 Fridge And Freezer Hacks To Help You Chill

Diply 20 Feb 2018

I have two roommates and a super small fridge — which means that we need as many space-saving hacks as we can get. Turns out, there are a lot of ways to double, and even triple, the storage space with some creative thinking. You can thank me later.

These hacks will have your fridge cleaner, more organized, and prettier than ever in, like, no time flat.

1. Line the refrigerator shelves with sealable plastic wrap to make for a super simple clean-up process.

Listotic | Listotic

Use them as an inexpensive shelf liner and replace them regularly so the fridge is always clean.

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2. Upgrade an old cardboard egg carton and use it to store condiments in the fridge door.

Facebook | Alton Brown

You literally never have to search through your door for the ketchup again. Now you know exactly where it is. Plus, storing the bottles upside down will ensure you get every last drop!

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3. Make an "eat me first" bin for food that is about to expire.

Clossette | Clossette

How much money have you wasted because fresh produce or dairy or leftovers went bad? This would save a lot of cash, time, and effort!

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4. Hang suction baskets on the sides of the fridge for extra snack storage space.

Homedit | Homedit

You can sometimes find these in the bathroom decor aisle or just go online because, I mean, you can find almost anything online.

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5. Need more pull-out drawers? Invest in a few of these small, add-on drawers!

New Chic | New Chic

These are great for storing specific things because of their small size. Plus, how adorable are they? You can color-code for roommates or different snack types!

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6. Store bottles and cans in a pyramid form, ensuring none roll over with a couple of binder clips.

Home Hacks | Home Hacks

This is much more efficient than storing them rightside up like you normally would. Plus, because the clips are removable, you can change the size whenever you'd like.

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7. Plastic drawers like these don't seem important, but they can make all the difference.

Crate + Barrel | Crate + Barrel

These only cost a few bucks and are awesome for keeping everything organized.

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8. Flatten things before freezing and store in a container like this.

Hopeful Homemaker | Hopeful Homemaker

You'll save a ton of room by doing that and make the most of a small space. Don't forget to label all bags with names and dates, so you can know when something has gone bad.

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9. Keep tabs on the millions of other bags taking up space in the freezer.

Mom4Real | Mom4Real

It can be super easy to put something in the freezer and forget about it. Writing everything with a dry erase marker will make sure nothing goes to waste!

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10. Glue magnets to the back of Tupperware containers to make it stick to the fridge and freezer walls.

Tater Tots and Jello | Tater Tots and Jello

Yeah, now you can find all your fave snacks in the middle of the night without waking anyone else up.

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11. Store eggs in a narrow basket for ultimate easy-access.

Raising Up Rubies | Raising Up Rubies

This is a great hack for couples or families who go through a lot of eggs. Think of the convenience for breakfast making in the morning.

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12. Invest in some magnetic bottle holders to hang bottles from the top of the fridge!

Listotic | Listotic

Take advantage of that air space! Plus, doesn't this look so much cooler?

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13. Use a plastic bin to create a snack station for the fridge — def a healthier alternative to more processed pantry snacks!

Mom Always Finds Out | Mom Always Finds Out

This would be great for families, too! Store all snacks in one place so they are easily accessible.

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14. Make a DIY Green Cleaner with household ingredients!

Hello Splendid | Hello Splendid

Some people don't feel comfortable using normal disinfectant sprays to clean their fridge, even if it's one of the "free and clean" versions. Making one at home lets you know exactly what's in it!

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15. Children can build their own lunches with these pre-filled plastic drawers!

Pinterest | Pinterest

Fill one with snacks, one with drinks and yogurt, one with fruit, and one with sandwiches, or adjust to whatever your family likes to eat, and let the kids build their own lunches each day!

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16. Use binder clips to store open frozen fruits and veggies.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Not only will it keep food fresher, longer (and pevent it from spilling out), but you'll be able to see what you have on hand in a glance.

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17. Make a temporary fridge lock out of two Command Hooks and a rubber bracelet.

Make It and Love It | Make It and Love It

This hack is ideal for parents who want to prevent little hands from sneaking into the refrigerator.

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18. Store all of your condiments in clear, plastic bottles.

Chez Larsson | Chez Larsson

These bottles are great for many reasons, but mainly because they're inexpensive, easy to label, and better for storage because they're all the same size!

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19. Add some Lazy Susans to your shelves.

Listotic | Listotic

Doing so will save you time, because you won't have to dig into the back of the fridge to find what you're looking for.

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20. Prevent fresh herbs from going to waste by adding them to olive oil ice cubes.

The Kitchn | The Kitchn

I can't even count the number of times I've had to throw out fresh herbs because they've gone bad before I could use them.

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21. Dollar store place mats are another great option for mess-free refrigerator liners.

One Good Thing By Jillee | One Good Thing By Jillee

They're cheap, easy to find, and do what you want them to do, which is keep the shelves clean!

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22. Storing fresh berries in a glass jar will keep them fresh.

Mission: to Save | Mission: to Save

Much like fresh herbs, fresh berries go bad way too quickly, which means this handy little hack is quite the money-saver.

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23. Keep that stainless steel looking sparkly and new by using white vinegar to clean it.

Mother's Niche | Mother's Niche

You can also use olive oil and a microfiber cloth to create a smudge-resistant surface.

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Have you tried any of these hacks before? Which ones do you think work best?


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