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39 Photos Of Our World That Are Absolutely Fascinating

Diply 10 Sep 2020

This is one hell of a time to be alive. Given that everyone has a camera these days, we are almost guaranteed to catch the coolest stuff when it happens to pop up.

Just when you think this world has gotten boring, something happens that snaps you back into complete awe.

Check out this list of photos of our world that will fascinate you.

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1. Some public nursing going on.

Reddit | adalab

Usually cars are known to stop for ducks, Canadian geese, or turtles crossing the road.

It's not often you might see a deer and her fawns at a complete stop in the middle of the road.

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2. EMT recuperating after an intense situation.

Reddit | crumbbelly

There is no doubt that being an EMT is one of the hardest and most taxing jobs in the world, and this photo really captures that.

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3. A fusion of old and new China.

Reddit | moonsprite

This looks like something you might see in a futuristic movie or anime show. But this is the reality of merging old historical buildings with modern structures.

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4. A bilateral gynandromorph butterfly (half male, half female).

Reddit | Johnsingl

This butterfly looks like something fit for a a sci-fi movie.

Even though they come straight from planet Earth, they are pretty rare. So if you ever see one, consider yourself very lucky!

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5. What it looks like after a life is saved in the ER.

Reddit | [deleted]

I couldn't imagine what it must be like to do everything you can to quickly save someone's life. Everyone involved in an ER room are heroes, that's for sure.

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6. Look closely. That's a fricken' elephant on top of the mountain!

Reddit | thriloka

Whoever took this photo has great eyes!

But, I wonder what the elephant is doing all the way up there on their lonesome? Maybe they just wanted to check out the scenery.

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7. These people hiked right into a glacier.

Reddit | Travoli

You never know what you could accidentally stumble upon in nature!

This is why we really need to get off our phones and computers and get out there into the world!

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8. New York City in the early '80's.

Reddit | michaelconfoy

This photo could not be more New York City to me. This must have been like a typical Friday night for most people in the city, I imagine.

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9. Atheris Squamigeria, one of the world's most beautiful snakes.

Reddit | blaQriot

This snake is borderline dragon-like!

I'm still not a fan of snakes, but this photo makes it a little bit better.

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10. Rainbow aura quartz.

Reddit | whiskyart

Crystals are all the rage these days, and I am starting to see why.

Not only are they supposed to give us good energy and vibes and all that, but look how beautiful they are!

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11. Andre the Giant on an airplane.

Reddit | Kibara

There's no way anyone could even slightly sit next to the guy.

I wonder if he had to pay for two seats?

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12. A tiger that just took a dip in mud to cool off.

Reddit | jerseyplains

This tiger looks almost like a hybrid animal. Maybe either a panther or even a rhino or something.

Anything is possible in the wild!

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13. This sweet abandoned mill hanging out in Colorado.

Reddit | Proteon

When people say they wish they could just escape for a day into the woods, I envision this is what it would look like.

And if that's the case, sign me up!

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14. Sequoia driftwood.


This sequoia must have taken a huge tumble down a cliff for it to end up that close to the water.

Good luck lugging that thing back for a DIY project!

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15. Getting laid on by a baby elephant.

Reddit | zackstab

There's no telling if this woman is laughing or crying in pure agony.

While it could be fun to play with a baby elephant, I wouldn't discount its strength.

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16. Awesome shot of a woman in a niqab rocking a hula hoop.

Reddit | CarlosWeiner

Girls just want to have fun! And anyone can hula hoop no matter who they are or how they dress.

It's really a great ab exercise. Seriously, try doing it for like five minutes.

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17. Something that we will be seeing more and more of.

Reddit | GrenadesForGandhi

This is just the reality of the times we live in! If you don't want any kinds of smoking on your property, you'll need to think of all the ways people smoke these days.

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18. Amazing Etch-A-Sketch skills.

Reddit | mike_pants

I've always wondered how people create actual artwork on these toys.

Recreating a famous art piece on an Etch A Sketch is next level.

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19. A woman getting photographed for the first time in the Victorian Era (1890s).

Reddit | vergasion

Why do all old vintage photos look like the person is staring into our souls?

They might be, but it also probably has to do with how long the exposure times were.

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20. The first image of a black hole.


Early this spring, the first image of a black hole was captured by scientists.

The computer algorithm that was able to capture the image was developed by 29-year-old Dr. Katie Bouman, who had been working on it for three years.

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21. This is a picture of 81 sky divers.

Reddit | TehBamski

And they all flawlessly arranged themselves in a diamond shape in the sky.

How you throw yourself out of a plane and then try to coordinate 81 people is beyond me.

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22. Eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington state.

Reddit | Botatitsbest

This was taken in the '80s, and while it is a beautiful photo, it doesn't make the situation any less terrifying.

I wouldn't think to get out of my car and take a photo, that's for sure!

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23. When nature takes over.

Reddit | TopdeBotton

It's sad to think people would just leave their broken down cars to rot in the wilderness, but this photo goes to show that nature continues living its life.

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24. Artwork gives damaged building new life.

Reddit | CrispyJelly

With newer structures going up everyday, old buildings are bound to be left for dead.

But a graffiti artist decided to give this building a new chance at life.

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25. Venus is terrifying.

Reddit | Shunter999

This is the clearest photo we've ever taken of the planet's surface, achieved by a Soviet lander in 1981.

The lander only survived about two hours before the incredible heat (855°F), thick atmosphere, and clouds of sulfuric acid destroyed it.

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26. I see what they did there.

Reddit | Ernard1

This was taken at the Bronx Zoo in the 1960s. It's a bit dramatic, but it's also not wrong.

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27. Modern medicine is amazing.

Reddit | thexbrothers

This person is holding their old heart after receiving a transplant. Though he sadly passed away a year later, it's still amazing that he could do this.

As the uploader wrote, "Picture of my friend holding his old heart. He had a heart transplant last August. He passed away a few days ago."

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28. This is a photograph of the capsized Costa Concordia taken with a tilted camera.

Reddit | JamieFindlay

It's an incredible image showing the cost of hubris, with 32 people dying due to a guy trying to show off for girls. The captain has since been charged and was dubbed "the coward" after being among the first to abandon ship.

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29. Someone forgot to turn the fountain off for the winter.

Reddit | SovietRoque_Maro

This photo was taken on Washington Boulevard in Detroit in 1917. The winters of 1916/1917 and 1917/1918 are some of the coldest ever recorded in Michigan.

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30. These sorts of photos are always cool.

Reddit | EleclCtriC

This is basically every late-fall and early-spring where I live. The ground is still cold enough for snow to stick, but as soon as the sun hits it, it's gone.

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31. Um, Mr. Farmer, I think your field is on fire...

Reddit | CheddarDuck

While a crazy sight, this is probably on purpose. Many farmers will create controlled fires as a way to rejuvenate the soil. It's becoming less common these days, though.

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32. Shark evolution is so freaking weird.

Reddit | Import

This is an X-ray of a hammerhead shark's head. It shows the sort of very specific evolution that so common in the oceans and makes so much of marine life weird-looking.

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33. Forget the double-rainbow and check out this supernumerary rainbow.

Reddit | Zusical

This happens when the raindrops are both small and almost identical in size and shape. It's rare and wonderful.

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34. Just part of serving and protecting.

Reddit | SovietRoque_Maro

This photo was taken in Cambridge, Ontario after the Grand River flooded in 1974. The officer is posted in front of the pharmacy to ensure no one tried to use the opportunity to steal prescription drugs.

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35. The Statue of Liberty before oxidization looked so cool.

Reddit | JourneyLT

This photo was taken in 1900 and the now familiar patina hadn't fully covered over the outer surface until about 1906.

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36. Space has a lot of crazy, cool things about it, but not all are massive in scale.

Reddit | ThadrikaTonkas

Besides the change in shape and color, you can even see in the photo how the flame sits lower on the wick, creating a sort of dome over the entire top of the candle.

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37. This soldier is surrounded by spent shell cases after a round of battle in WWI.

Reddit | SovietRoque_Maro

Due to the constant shortage of raw materials, the casings were likely melted down and turned right back into more artillery.

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38. In 1995, Christopher Charles Lightsey was gagged in court for constantly disrupting his murder trial.

The Californian | Henry A. Barrios

He was being extremely obscene in court, and this was the only to way they to shut him up as much as they could.

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39. This is the first ever photo of Canada — before it was even Canada.

Reddit | SovietRoque_Maro

It's a daguerreotype taken in 1840 by a British business man named Hugh Lee Pattinson.

Since this old form of photography had an exposure time of ten minutes, researchers think it's likely that the figure is Pattinson himself, looking out over Niagara Falls after setting up his equipment.

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