16 Dollar Store Hacks To Help You Win At Parenting

Diply 2 May 2017

Being a parent is a lot of hard work, and one thing you can do to make the job a little easier is to always be prepared. Being ready for whatever your kids throw at you will help out a lot. But being prepared doesn't have to be expensive.

It's surprising to me how many people don't take advantage of the dollar store. Seriously, this place is like heaven for a parent. It's cheap and so you don't feel bad tossing stuff from the dollar store. It's no secret that kids are the most destructive human beings on the planet.

Allow me to share these 23 dollar store hacks that will make being a parent just a little bit easier.

1. Use a pocket organizer in the car.   

Decor-ganize Crafts | Decor-ganize Crafts

Strap this baby on the back of your seat and keep all the kid crap off the floor of your car.

And trust me, kids come with a lot of crap.

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2. A dish rack can be used for so much more than drying dishes. 

Day by Day Discoveries | Day by Day Discoveries

Example: they're great for keeping kids' school supplies together.

Buy one for each kid and they'll have their own spot to put all their stuff.

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3. A plastic soap holder can also double as a handy little container. 

Shady Tree Diary | Shady Tree Diary

Great for things like crayons, playing cards or even those annoying little beads that you'll be picking up all over the house later.

Since you can find these for super cheap, pick up a whole bunch.

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4. Here's a bit of magic you can work on your Tupperware drawer. 

Delightful Order | Delightful Order

Buy those plastic baskets from the dollar store and keep things like sippy cups and kids' plastic plates stored away in an orderly fashion.

Lord knows my Tupperware drawer could use this.

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5. For some reason, baby leggings are a huge thing now. 

Your Baby Days | Your Baby Days

Save your money and take a pair of tube socks from the dollar store and make your own.

Ok, after seeing these, they're kind of growing on me.

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6. Next time you go to the beach, stop at the dollar store first. 

The Idea Room | The Idea Room

Pick up a mesh laundry basket to carry all the kid's toys.

This will also help you to carry the toys home and leave the sand behind.

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7. A shower caddy makes the perfect fast food tray for the car. 

Lookie What I Did | Lookie What I Did

Pick one of these up the next time you are at the dollar store.

Your car will thank you.

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8. Do people still use burner covers? 

Dollar Store Crafts | Dollar Store Crafts

They must, cause the dollar store still sells them — but you can use them for something much more creative.

This will keep your kids busy for hours!

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9. Stop picking up ponytail holders all over the house. 

The Idea Room | The Idea Room

Store them neatly away in a craft storage container.

It's a perfect fit!

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10. Be the parent who is on top of it all. 

Girl Loves Glam | Girl Loves Glam

Make yourself a family command center. No need to spend a ton of money on this, either.

You can get all kinds of organizational aids from the dollar store.

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11. You know those plastic trays that are meant for making popsicles? 

KFUNdamentals | KFUNdamentals

They can also be used to organize crayons. Pretty neat, right?

Organize them by color to make these easy to use, too.

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12. If you have to travel with kids, keep them entertained. 

No Time For Flash Cards | No Time For Flash Cards

Trust me, you will regret not making one of these on-the-go travel craft kits.

Make a long car ride a pleasant, quiet one.

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13. Make a pick-a-prize box — your kids will love it. 

A Grande Life | A Grande Life

Each time they've done their chores — or something nice for someone else — let them pick a prize from the box.

I think it goes without saying, but get the prizes from the dollar store.

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14. Kids lose stuff all the time. 

My Kitchen Escapades | My Kitchen Escapades

So don't waste money on expensive ice packs, just make these.

Saturate a clean sponge with water, place it into a Ziploc bag, and freeze overnight. In the morning, just toss them into their lunch pail. As they melt, the sponge will reabsorb the water, so just toss them back in the freezer after school.

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15. A travel toothbrush holder is a perfect fit for straws. 

Chica and Jo | Chica and Jo

Seriously, how many times have you gone through the drive-thru and they forgot to give you a straw? Adults can usually handle this kind of disappointment — kids on the other hand? Well, let's just say it's better to be prepared.

Doesn't hurt to throw one of these in the glove box.

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16. In an emergency, the last thing you want is to not be able to find something. 

Ask Anna | Ask Anna

Keep your medicine organized.

There are tons of storage containers that you can get from the dollar store to help with this.

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17. You know what you can get at the dollar store? 

The Art Of Ed | The Art Of Ed

Rubber bands! And do you know what they are good for? Saving your soap.

Wrap one of these babies around the pump of a soap dispenser to prevent your kids from wasting it all.

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18. Keep your car clean with a cereal storage container. 

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

Kids love to make messes in the car, so make sure you have somewhere to put all the garbage.

It's a lot easier to just empty a bag rather than spending hours picking up garbage off the floor of the car.

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19. Use a mesh laundry bag to wash Lego pieces. 

Gettin' By | Gettin' By

This is great for small toys, too! It's a good idea to wash your kids' toys every once in a while.

Remember, children love to pick their noses.

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20. Help your kid out in a fun way. 

Demotivateur | Demotivateur

Find a sticker that your kid will like, cut it half and place them on the inside of your child's shoes to teach them left versus right.

You will have them taught in no time!

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21. Grab some bright-colored paper from the dollar store and make a sign to put under your toilet paper. 

The Virtuous Wife | The Virtuous Wife

Not only will your wallet thank you, so will your toilet.

I can't count how many times I have had to unclog a toilet full of TP.

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22. This is pure genius!!

new-house.co | new-house.co

Kids waste more bubbles than they blow.

Plus, bubbles can quickly turn into a sticky mess — not anymore!

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23. Keep their pacifiers clean with a tiny plastic container. 

Cynditha | Cynditha

This will also make them easier to find when they're somewhere at the bottom of your purse.

Oh, and keep them clean, too!

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