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23 Dollar Store DIYs That'll Make You Love Penny-Pinching

Diply 8 Nov 2017

It's pretty hard to find someone you know who doesn't like saving money. If I can get something on sale or use a coupon to knock off a few bucks, I'm a happy camper.

The list of projects below is for anyone who can appreciate a good bargain — especially when it comes to DIYing. Enjoy!

1. Knockoff Kate Spade Pearl Place Rosebowl

Vintage Romance Style | Vintage Romance Style

Who doesn't love the look of Kate Spade merchandise? I think the products are beautiful, but I can't bring myself to accept the price tag that comes with them. Luckily, some Kate Spade items are super easy to recreate for yourself.

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2. Pretty Soap Dispensers

Instagram | @happywife_happy4life

All it takes is a collection of glass gems, flowers, and, of course, hand soap to transform a simple dispenser into a pretty bathroom accent your guests will love.

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3. Plastic Elephant Bookends

Love Grows Wild | Love Grows Wild

I've come across some seriously expensive bookends while out shopping, and even though they are lovely, I will never break the bank for something that simply holds my books upright. If you agree with me, then this project is perfect for you.

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4. DIY Topiary Trees

AKA Design | AKA Design

Again, something that seems to always have a ridiculous price tag whenever I browse the aisles of my favorite stores! However, as long as you know your way around a dollar store, creating a set of beautiful topiary trees for your home should be an inexpensive task.

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5. Colorful Clothespin Trivets

Dream A Little Bigger | Dream A Little Bigger

While premade trivets can be purchased at the dollar store, it's always fun to add a unique spin to a traditional design, and that's exactly what this DIY does.

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6. DIY Ampersand Thumbtack Art

Live Love DIY | Live Love DIY

There's nothing a little bit of homemade artwork can't fix, especially if you're looking to spruce up a space in your home. Who knew thumbtacks could be so fun and pretty?

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7. Mason Jar Soap Pump

Good Girl Style | Good Girl Style

For those of you who love that rustic, farmhouse look, you can easily turn a classic mason jar into the cutest soap dispenser imaginable. This looks way better than a store-bought bottle!

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8. Spray Painted Dollar Store Nutcrackers

Mad In Crafts | Mad In Crafts

There isn't anything wrong with nutcrackers the way they are, but if you prefer a more modern look when it comes to your Christmas decor, spray painting them is definitely the way to go.

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9. Faux Flower Wreath

The Sweetest Digs | The Sweetest Digs

Wreaths are hella expensive if you buy them premade, which is why I've always made my own. And you don't even need to buy the fancy faux flowers from your local craft store, either — the dollar store has just what you need!

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10. Fishbowl Snowman

Smart School House | Smart School House

Isn't this adorable? I love how creative it is! Three fishbowls, some fake snow, and a collection of little village accessories come together to create a holiday accent everyone will want to have in their home.

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11. Vertical Succulent Wall Hanging

The Homespun Hydrangea | The Homespun Hydrangea

You can never go wrong with succulents — real or fake. Simply grab a nice frame from the dollar store along with some faux moss and succulents, and you'll have yourself a fancy new piece of wall art in no time.

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12. Snow Globe Shot Glass Ornaments

What's Up With The Buells | What's Up With The Buells

I never thought I'd be calling a plastic shot glass cute, but I guess there's a first time for everything! If you're looking for a fun and easy craft to try over the holidays, this is a guaranteed win.

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13. Galaxy Night Light

Vikalpah | Vikalpah

The results Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol can produce together are out of this world! See what I did there? Anyway, I don't know a single child who wouldn't love to have one of these in their room at night.

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14. DIY Dollar Tree Picture Frame Lantern

Hip2Save | Hip2Save

You may not be a fan of dollar store picture frames for your photographs, but you can't deny that they make some seriously awesome lanterns. These would be perfect for a wedding or as Christmas decorations.

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15. Valentine Wreath

Blooming Homestead | Blooming Homestead

It doesn't have to be February to celebrate love! Whether it's February 14th or the middle of summer, this rose-covered wreath will look great in your home — and your wallet won't mind the expense, either.

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16. Holiday Snow Balls

Somewhat Quirky Design | Somewhat Quirky Design

Believe it or not, these fancy little things are actually just styrofoam balls covered in toothpicks! A little bit of flat white spray paint was all it took to give them that whimsical Christmas look.

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17. DIY Magnetic Organizer

The Crazy Craft Lady | The Crazy Craft Lady

Never forget an important date or forget to pick up a carton of milk again by making yourself one of these magnetic organizer boards. You can customize it with any color and design you want, and you can also use a variety of cookie sheet sizes too.

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18. Tiered Picture Frame Stand

What Treasures Await | What Treasures Await

The next time you find yourself roaming the aisles of your local thrift shop, see if you can find a set of frames like the ones below. Before you know it, you'll have yourself a fancy new stand.

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19. DIY Marbled Mugs

Robin Clement | Babble

Marbling is a technique that requires a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, the crafting possibilities are endless. If you want to give it a try, pick up some mugs from the dollar store, choose your favorite nail polish colors, and see what you can come up with.

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20. Dollar Store Cake Stand

The Chickabug | The Chickabug

You could buy a cake stand that's already assembled from HomeGoods, or you could make one for less than $5.00. And because I love to save money and get crafty, I'm going to opt for making my own!

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21. Tiered Succulent Planter

Craftberry Bush | Craftberry Bush

Succulents have become super trendy over the last few years — and for good reason! Not only are they beautiful, but they're also super easy to take care of.

To make yourself a lovely tiered succulent planter, all you need are a few ceramic bowls, a couple of clear drinking glasses, and some heavy-duty glue.

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22. DIY Snowflake Plate Charger

Three Little Greenwoods | Three Little Greenwoods

If you're going to be hosting a family dinner this holiday season and want your table to look fancy without spending too much money, this resourceful project should do the trick.

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23. DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Cambria | Cambria

Lastly, ensure no one ever forgets which glass belongs to them again by serving them their favorite drink in one of these. And when they're finished, all it takes is a quick wash for the glass to be good to go for another guest.

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What's your favorite dollar store idea? Is it your preferred place to shop?


Tell us what your favorite DIY was in the COMMENTS,and then SHARE this list with every penny-pincher you know!

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