Everyone knows how a kind word or compliment can lift your spirits and make your day—but you’ll really appreciate the difference a compliment can make when you see these before and after pictures. Here’s what dogs look like before they are called "good dog" and what they look like afterward…


It's incredible the difference hearing the words "good dog" can make.

It can turn you from being a dog that looks remarkably like a polar bear, into a dog that still looks remarkably like a polar bear but that much cuter.

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Now that’s one serious dog.

Serious about having a good laugh, that is!

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Yet, while some dogs love an unashamed belly laugh…

Others prefer to accept their compliments with a little more dignity.

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Being called "good dog" can make you go from being Couch Potato Dog...

...to one who's up for a good tummy tickle or run on the beach.

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It’s hard to think of anything that could make this dog any cuter.

Except his expression when he's called "good dog" by the human he loves.

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Word of advice for this dog’s owner:

Say “good dog” often. Very often.

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Not now, sorry, I'm watching Wheel Of Fortune...

OK, OK, if you're going to get all "good dog" about it!

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When you say “good dog” and wonder if what he actually heard was:

 “I have every chew toy known to man outside waiting for you.”

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Of course, overt expressions of joy and excitement become more difficult the older a dog gets.

But why bother anyway, when a slight display of tongue says it all.

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The great thing about saying "good dog"?

The smile you get back gives you just as much happiness.

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Just lettin’ the love wash right over me…

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Look, I’m happy to accept the “good boy”…

But I have a sneaking suspicion there’s going to be a catch.


That moment when you realize the “good boy” was meant for you.

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Of course, some dogs are such good dogs...

...that getting told they are is really just routine.

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We don’t care if this dog really is a good dog.

We're telling him he is anyway.

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While some larger breeds slobber with joy...


...others are just quietly chuffed.

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Now, no one is saying that dogs are better than cats.

But for the record, this is what a cat looks likes before and after being told "good boy." Just saying.

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Finally, this is a photo of a good boy before and after he was called a dog.

The guy who posted it makes the useful point that while "good dog" works wonders with our canine friends, it doesn't work in reverse or cross-species. And that's a lesson for all of us.

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