11 DIY Forts To Escape Adult Life

Diply 16 Dec 2016

Forts are the coolest. They mix cozy privacy with the accomplishment of building it yourself and all the improvising that required. Of course, when you're an adult you may not be able to tear apart your home for building materials, but that doesn't mean you can't evoke the same feeling by draping some blankets up for a single romantic evening, or by installing a semi-permanent tent in the corner of a room.

If I had the space, I would totally have a small tent in a corner of my office, stacked high with cushions, books within easy reach, and a single-serve coffee maker included. Every Sunday would be the most relaxing day ever!

1. Drape blankets over a clothesline for an outdoor fort.

TheLookFactory | TheLookFactory

Read a book, take a nap, meditate — do whatever; this tent is perfect for it.

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2. DIY a corner canopy with sheets and a hula hoop.

Brit + Co. | Brit + Co.

Add string lights and as many pillows as you can find.

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3. Hang sheer curtains over your bed for nightly romance.

Pinterest | Kate Kinley

From the picture, it looks like the sheets on this one are attached to the chandelier, then swooped out to the walls.

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4. Create a cozy movie night.

Little Winter | Little Winter

Clearly, a romantic film is on the docket for movie night.

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5. Put up a tent in the library.

Architecture Art Design | Architecture Art Design

Yes, please (to both the library and the tent within it

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6. If you're handy, you could build a more permanent fort in the yard.

Pith + Vigor | Pith + Vigor

Not all tree houses have to be for kids.

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7. Build a small tent with PVC pipe and a drop cloth.

Thrifty and Chic | Thrifty and Chic

So chic with the white-on-white, yet so easy and inexpensive.

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8. Don't pack away the tent between camping trips.

Tumblr | nitescenceh

With lots of lights, pillows, and blankets, that tent can become a backyard oasis.

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9. Curl up by the wood stove.

See Jane Blog | See Jane Blog

Cozy and romantic for those cold, winter nights.

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10. Bring the stars inside with you.

Tumblr | geothebio

How gorgeous is this?

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11. Sundays in bed never looked so comfy.

Ten Thousand Villages | Ten Thousand Villages

Even better if you have someone willing to deliver that tray of tea and snacks so that you don't have to interrupt your reading.

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So do you want a fort of your own now, or should they be limited just to the kids?

Youtube | SoulPancake

Make your arguments in the COMMENTS!

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