What is the true sign of a genius? Of course, they are probably really good at things like math or science, but are there other less-obvious signs that someone is super intelligent?

Science has uncovered some rather surprising personality traits and other factors that can predict how smart you are. One interesting quality that seems true for many smarties is that they are a little rough around the edges. In other words, they are crazy!

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1. You really know your swear words.

This may come as quite a surprise, but smart people have a larger vocabulary of curse words.

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2. Being disorganized and messy.

Intelligent people tend to focus more on the big picture and concern themselves less with uninteresting organizational details. Research has also shown that geniuses are always looking for the next stimulating source of information, and couldn't care less about tidying up their desks.

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3. Intelligent people may be more frisky.

Research has shown that students from highly respected universities like Cambridge and Oxford spend way more on sex toys than others. One Cambridge student, Alice Little, explained to the Telegraph that, "High-achievers aim for excellence in all areas of their life, so it makes sense that achieving sexual happiness is one of their goals."

You know they say: Work hard, play hard.

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4. You're a night owl.

More intelligent people tend to go to bed much later than those of us who are less intelligent. The average bedtime for those with very high intelligence levels is just after midnight, while others tend to go closer to 9pm.

Medical Daily - John Althouse Cohen / CC BY-ND 2.0

5. People who weigh less tend to be more intelligent.

Not only were less heavy people smarter, they had a particular strength in learning words.

6. Older siblings tend to be the most intelligent.

One study conducted in Leipzig, Germany revealed that older siblings are, on average, brighter than their younger siblings. Scientists believe that this may result from a higher 'social status' in the family and, as a result, being raised in a more interactive social context than their younger counterparts.

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7. You're a devoted cat lover.

Research on cat and dog lovers reveals that cat lovers have a higher average level of intelligence. Sorry, dog lovers. I mean, you've heard of the crazy cat lady, right?

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I always knew that the crazy people among us were a little brighter. 


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