Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut? I know I have. The first and only time I decided I wanted bangs, I went to a hair salon in the mall and got my bangs cut. They were so uneven and crappy! I was so upset. Do you know how long it takes to grow out bangs?! 

Anyway, I imagine these little dogs and cats feel pretty similar to how I felt...devastated and convinced no one is ever going to love them. 


1. This looks really gross. 

But I also want to pet him to know what it feels like. 

reddit |  sweetcaroline88

2. He looks like he is considering how much less everyone is going to love him because of his hair. 

reddit |  noisewatch

3. He doesn't even recognize himself anymore. 

reddit |  DrPapageorgio

4. Did they run out of time to do the rest? 

reddit |  clb2489