We've all had friends, best friends even. We've all loved and lost, but there is one love that is totally selfless, loyal and without reservation: the love of a dog. They're known as man's best friend for a reason, and if you've ever been lucky enough to feel that furry, slobbery, eternal adoration, you may have also had to suffer the pain of losing it. Dogs don't live forever and circumstances can also make keeping a dog impossible. If you've ever had to give your dog away, you might have dreamed of a scenario like in this video.

The man in this video is Army Specialist Henry Alvarado. While overseas, he spent all his time with a dog named Dukey and expected to take the dog back to America. However, Dukey was injured and injured dogs cannot fly. Alvarado had no choice but to leave his best friend behind. Devastated, he came home without Dukey. Thankfully, the kind people of the internet heard, and something amazing happened. You might cry.