Anyone looking at this regular-looking shed would probably never expect to see anything out of the ordinary in there — everyone walking by would think it was full of gardening tools and a lawn mower at best. Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed because this shed is the ultimate man-cave of wonders in disguise. 

Prepare to make some magic that is perfect whether you are having a night in with your wife and kids or you're having the guys over for a cold one. 


1. Every plan needs a design

You can build this simple outline whether you are a Regular Joe or a Jack of All Trades. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, crank the radio, bust out that power saw, and swing that hammer!

2. Don't get scared to take this on as a team

Fleshing out the frame of this project will require some elbow grease, but it will fly by if you call up a few buddies to give you a hand. That way, you will all have a great excuse to have a couple beers afterwards.


3. Hard work pays off

Once you deck out the interior of this little guy, your family will feel like they are walking the red carpet the next time you host movie night. The look on their faces once they step inside will be priceless!

4. Who needs a flat screen?

Anyone watching their first flick in your new man-cave will have to scrape their jaw off the floor once they see your HD projector in action. Who needs 3-D glasses when you will feel like you are in your favorite film?


5. Keep the place stacked to the max

Forget about trips to the store when you keep this bad boy full to the brim. You could even install a mini-fridge for beer and soda for kids (or yourself — everyone needs cocktail chasers). Bonus points if you DIY a bar cart for it with these ideas!

6.Who said it is for movies only?

Depending on your cable or satellite options, prepare to be the man of the hour. Whether you and your crew are rocking some Xbox, throwing on a flick, watching UFC, or catching the game, kick it like a BOSS!


7. Spend a night under the stars like a Hollywood star!

Whether you are kicking it in style in the afternoon or chilling out after dark, these lights will help you give the place an unforgettable vibe.

8. Check out the size of this bad boy!

While you are putting in the time to build this project, the first time you sit down and throw on that projector will make it all worth it. Don't settle for being Joe Schmo when you can be king of the hill!


9. The ultimate home theater that will make everyone jealous

Take one look at this pad in full swing and I dare you to tell me that it isn't the ultimate home theater setup! You will be the host with the most that everyone will have on speed dial with one of these in your backyard.

10. Don't break the bank when you can make it happen!

The estimated budget for this setup is $9,500 at a minimum. Put as much of yourself into it as you want and deck this sucker out in style to get the most out of it!


11. Put the final touches on the outside

If you really want to get a genuinely surprised reaction out of your guests every time they step inside, put some finish on the outside. No one will suspect what kind of Trojan horse you've turned your shed into.

12. Shoot to thrill and prepare to be amazed

This little slice of paradise on Earth is guaranteed to be a gift that will keep on giving for years to come! Get ready to make some memories that will leave you and your family speechless whenever they step inside. 


You can get the full list of specifications to build your ultimate movie sanctuary here. For anyone looking to just buy one, you can find the listing for the full package in your budget on the same site!