15 Kids Crafts For A Spooktacular Halloween

Diply 9 Oct 2016

It's October! The air is crisp, the trees are starting to turn, and there's candy everywhere! Yay!

But seriously, it can be hard to instill a sense of the season for our young kids that will go beyond the free sugar-rush and flimsy, store-bought costumes. This time of year can make it tough to fight the glut of outside influences as Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving and then we're right into Christmas. Little things can do wonders, though, like spending an afternoon making simple crafts with the little ones. Without spending a fortune, you can build memories with your children that will keep them grounded in the wholesome, family-focused core of the season. Plus, the results are super cute!

1. Start with the classics.

One Little Project | One Little Project

Everyone made tissue-ghosts as a child. If they didn't, they're clearly a spy for an alien race who's visiting us to learn our spooky customs. Don't let your kids be mistaken for an alien spy, and keep this simple classic alive.

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2. Save some lollipops to make creepy spiders.

House of Baby Piranha | House of Baby Piranha

Well, not really creepy. I'm not sure anything with googly eyes can be called creepy. Adorable? Maybe. Silly? Yes. Fun? Definitely.

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3. Give the spiders a home.

S&S Blog | S&S Blog

See? Googly eyes are adorable. End of story. These simple webs of popsicle sticks and yarn would be really cute hanging in a child's window for Halloween.

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4. Popsicle Jack-o'-lanterns. 

Easy Peasy and Fun | Easy Peasy and Fun

By gluing the sticks side by side and painting them orange, kids can create their own scary jack-o'-lantern faces without requiring any carving skills.

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5. Don't put the paint away just yet!

The Pinterested Parent | The Pinterested Parent

It can be so much fun to just smear orange and yellow paint around a paper plate, and with just the edition of some black construction paper, those plates can become a creepy harvest moon behind Halloween silhouettes.

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6. Use an apple as a stamp.

Frugal Mom Eh! | Frugal Mom Eh!

Another fun way kids can create their own jack-o'-lantern characters (without the sharp objects) is to cut an apple in half and use it to stamp out the pumpkin shape in orange paint. Once the stamps dry, hand them a washable marker and let the Jacks come alive!

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7. Marshmallow ghosts.

Knead to Cook | Knead to Cook

Oh no! Who let these delicious ghosts into the candy corn stash?

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8. Rule the school bake sale!

Cincy Shopper | Cincy Shopper

Every bake sale needs its Rice Krispie squares, but who says they have to be the same boring, beige rectangles? Add a bit of food coloring and get the kids involved with decorating these adorable pumpkins. Use Tootsie Rolls or Kit-Kat bars for the stems!

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9. They can be healthier snacks too.

One Little Project | One Little Project

What kid wouldn't want to show off their cheese string and pretzel brooms at the lunch table?

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10. Reuse toilet paper rolls for creepy glowing eyes.

YouTube | Upcycling101

How easy is this? Just cut eyes into a toilet paper roll and slide a glowstick inside. Once it gets dark, the eyes will stare out from the bushes to freak everyone out.

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11. Mix and match cartons for a haunted house.

ChooseCartons | ChooseCartons

Let your kids pick out differently-sized cartons from the recycling and paint them black to make their own, unique haunted house. With windows and doors cut out of the front, a glowstick or a flickering electric candle can be put inside for an extra spooky look.

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12. Make a garland of yarn pumpkins.

Design Improvised | Design Improvised

These are so cute, and so easy to make! The same trick could be used in December with red and green yarn for ornaments.

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13. Make cute glitter monsters.

The 36th AVENUE | The 36th AVENUE

Whether you choose to make your slime in Halloween colors or these playful hues, the kids will have a great time picking out eyes and decorations for their very own monsters.

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14. Use salt dough to make glittery ornaments.

Edventures with Kids | Edventures with Kids

Kids will love using their favorite Halloween cookie cutters to make these ornaments. String them together to make a garland, or individually to hang throughout the home.

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15. Preserve Halloween memories.

Teach Me Mommy | Teach Me Mommy

This is a great twist on the clay handprint keepsake. Shape it into a pumpkin and insert a photo of your child in their costume as a reminder of how cute they were for years to come!

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