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24 Freezer Hacks So Cool We're Saying 'Why Didn't I Think Of That?'

Diply 14 Feb 2018

I live alone, and people always comment on how my fridge is empty. There's some milk in there, condiments, eggs, but that's pretty much it.

But open my freezer and you'll find it stuffed full. I also have an entire chest freezer in the basement. I am a freezer queen.

1. A full freezer doesn't just keep you fed, it also saves energy.

mliu92 | Visual Hunt

Every time you open the freezer door, cold air escapes. The more you have packed in there, the less air there is to escape, and the frozen food insulates itself.

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2. Portion and freeze your leftovers for grab-and-go lunches. 

armigeress | Visual Hunt

If you find you never have the energy to pack a lunch in the morning, a bit of planning ahead can help. Just grab one of the containers, put it in a brown bag, and go.

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3. Portioning isn't just for leftovers, either. 

Organize Yourself Skinny | Organize Yourself Skinny

I can't stand instant oatmeal or quick oats, but steel cut oats take too long to cook on a rushed morning. Instead, cook a big batch and freeze it in a muffin tin for quick breakfasts.

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4. Add some extra shelves with magazine racks. 

Aunt Peaches | Aunt Peaches

Laid on their side, these racks make shallow shelves perfect for small containers and snacks. Plastic racks are a better choice than cheaper cardboard ones since moisture and ice will eventually ruin the cardboard.

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5. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil for convenience and flavor.

One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

There are often way too many herbs per bunch for a given recipe. Chop up the leftovers and freeze them in ice cube trays with olive oil. Then use them in anything you're cooking!

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6. Use binder clips to hang and organize frozen vegetables. 

Reddit | Roxanne712

Not only will they keep the bags closed way better than anything else, you can see everything you have available at a glance.

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7. Frozen waffles make great breakfast sandwich "bread."

Instagram | @kalilorenzomuha

If you're going to eat the Eggos anyway, this at least adds some protein. You'll stay fuller, longer, and won't need that 10 o'clock snack.

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8. Quickly defrost frozen goods with cold water rather than just letting it sit on the counter.

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

Leaving food out at room temperature can actually allow bacteria to grow. If you need to thaw something quickly, submerge it in cold water. It'll thaw in as little as an hour.

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9. Freeze cheese for up to six months.

Flickr | Rebecca Siegel

Is there a great sale on cheddar but you'll never use it quickly enough? Hard cheeses can be frozen for up to six months.

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10. Freeze butter and grate it for better pie crusts.

Vanessa Greaves | All Recipes

Flaky pastry requires cold butter to be evenly incorporated with the flour. Make it easier by grating frozen butter. The finer pieces will incorporate faster and stay cold longer.

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11. Use fabric grocery bags to hold items in chest freezers.

If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done | If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done

It's easy to lose things in big freezers, so these bags will help organize. And if you're short like me, the handles will make it easier to lift things out.

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12. Freeze soups and stews flat in freezer bags.

New Leaf Wellness | New Leaf Wellness

Containers and jars not only take up more space in the freezer, but it's a lot harder to get all the air out. Use heavy duty freezer bags instead, and they'll be airtight and stackable.

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13. Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays for cooking with later.

VinePair | VinePair

That way, you can use wine in your meals without having to plan ahead or buy a whole bottle each time.

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14. Add magnets to the bottom of small containers to use the walls and roof of your freezer.

Tatertots And Jello | Tatertots And Jello

Small things can get lost in the depths of the freezer. Use magnets to keep them easy to access on the walls.

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15. Freeze avocado puree for quick guac whenever you want.

The Greedy Vegan | The Greedy Vegan

This is especially handy if you find yourself only using half an avocado at a time. Mash up the other half and freeze it before the leftover half browns.

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16. Freeze yogurt packs to keep lunches cold.

Heart Hook Home | Heart Hook Home

Ice packs can take up valuable space in a small lunch bag, so instead, freeze your single-serving yogurts. They'll keep everything cold and be thawed by lunchtime.

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17. Freeze cooked meat to easily add protein to future meals.

Instagram | @100_drops_of_happiness

Cooking up a chicken breast specifically for your salad can be inconvenient. Instead, cook an extra one next time it's on the menu, slice it up and freeze for salads later.

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18. Stop wasting produce due to spoiling.

New Leaf Wellness | New Leaf Wellness

You'd be surprised at how many fresh fruits and veggies can go in the freezer. So when they're reaching the end of their fridge freshness, prep and freeze them to gain an extra three months.

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19. Freeze mashed potatoes for an easy side dish any night of the week.

A Modern Homestead | A Modern Homestead

Mashed potatoes are my favorite starchy treat, but they tend to be limited to special occasions due to the multi-step cooking process. Instead, make a big batch and freeze in portions.

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20. Build your own cubbies for better freezer organization.

The Gig's Digs | The Gig's Digs

Stop losing food at the bottom of the pile. A few pieces of wood and basic DIY skills can help keep things in the right place.

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21. Fresh eggs can be frozen for up to a year, so take advantage of sales. 

Instagram | @unspecialmoments

Use ice cube strays for portioning and beat whole eggs before freezing. Whites can be frozen as-is, but yolks will require a bit of salt or sugar to prevent gelatinization.

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22. Rice can be frozen for easy portioning and quick lunches.

Just Bento | Just Bento

This is especially good if you're into bento-style lunches. The key is to wrap and freeze it while the rice is still hot. This traps the moisture and prevents it from drying out.

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23. Prep entire meals in a single freezer bag for easy slow cooker meals any day of the week. 

Instagram | @kellymcnelis

A couple hours on the weekend can yield a stash of healthy dinners that only require you to turn on the slow cooker in the morning.

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24. Keep and maintain an inventory.

Jessica Fisher | The Kitchn

Whether you use a notebook, a chalkboard, or even write it on the freezer with dry-erase markers, the key to successful freezer use is knowing what's in there.

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