Chickens Are Keeping Their Cool This Winter With Adorable Sweaters

Diply 20 Jan 2017

The world has a lot of domesticated chickens, but the world's climate may not be very nice for them in the chilly months. By knitting them cute sweaters, some of us humans are helping them get out of their coops no matter the season. The sweaters are particularly helpful for birds that are currently in the middle of molting when their feathers are thin and less able to help them keep warm.

The trend is growing so rapidly, that even if you don't have the knitting skills, many artisans carry whole lines of sweaters. 

Etsy | WhimsyofWillows

Fluffy chicken!

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You can even get sweaters for your favorite pop-culture properties, like these Harry Potter house ones.

Etsy | TheSparklyhead

Ravenclaw is probably the most appropriate for a member of the bird family.

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"Even the roosters will notice the chicken's sophisticated look in this sweater."

Etsy | ChickenSnackShack

The sellers understand how important fashion is to our chicken friends. ;)

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Some of the most popular artisans are Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann, who get requests from around the world for their little sweaters. 

Daily Mail | Daily Mail

Nicola makes the sweaters in her kitchen in Falmouth, Cornwall.

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