Nowadays, the name Charles Manson is associated with one of the most murderous groups of people in human history. However, there was a time before the infamous death of actress Sharon Tate and six other people when Manson was considered an up-and-coming artist and musician whose alternative viewpoints had garnered him the attention of some notable celebs.

Here are some celebs who crossed paths with Manson. 


1. Neil Young

The legendary Canadian singer/songwriter crossed paths with Charles Manson in the 1960s and was impressed with his ability to improvise meaningful lyrics on the spot. Young was so impressed that he even tried to score Manson a record deal! 

One of Manson's followers later testified that Charles was quite impressed with Neil.

Rumor has it that Neil was one of the only celebrities that Manson actually respected because he felt that he was actually a good person. 

Neil would later comment that the whole thing "spooked the hell out of him" and that Charlie never "took rejection well."


2. Dennis Wilson

The Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson met the future killer when a couple of girls he was partying with called their drug dealer "Charlie" to come and sell to them at Wilson's house. Dennis became fascinated with Charlie as he hung around and played a few songs for him. 

Then, as the story goes, Dennis invited Charlie and his friends to stay at his house for as long as they wanted.

Apparently Dennis was quite open about letting his new guests use his house, credit cards, food and anything they needed for as long as they wanted. However, when Dennis started to feel strange about the arrangement he left to live in another one of his mansions.