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Ohio Boy Tests Positive for Meth After Trick or Treating

Andrew Roberts 1 Nov 2018

The dangers of Trick-or-Treating have long been fodder for urban legends over the years, with the occasional true story helping to fuel the fire for a few more years.

2018's Halloween celebration brought a few incidents that will raise eyebrows for next year. According to Fox 8 in Ohio, 5-year-old Braylen Carwell had a seizure and reportedly tested positive for meth.

How Is That Possible?

How the young boy managed to get the meth into his system and his parents were questioning how he managed to come in contact with it:

Carwell’s parents initially believed his sudden sickness came from the candy. The boy, however, told them that he hadn’t even begun eating the candy yet. The only thing he had done was put in the plastic vampire teeth he got while trick-or-treating.

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Parents In Recovery

While Carwell's parents would be the first to gain the blame, his mother was quick to tell reporters that while she and her husband were recovering from drug addiction and had been clean for over three years:

“I’m not covering up the truth,” she told WBNS. “I’m just speaking the truth of what happened to my son, yesterday. Nobody in my family or [Braylen’s] dad’s family would drug my children.”

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The Incident

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Carwell had been out looking for treats with his father when the sickness took hold. The father and son had been out for an hour and a half before heading home, leading to the child having a seizure.

His mother's reaction upon arriving the hospital defines the severity of the situation according to LAD Bible:

"He was disorientated. He didn't know who he was or where he was.

"You could tell at the hospital that he was real high from whatever he ingested. He was really wired and kind of aggressive."

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Police Testing

Both the candy the boy received and the vampire teeth he had in his mouth were taken by police for testing. The toxicology report has not been returned yet, but the police did offer a statement on the incident:

"This is an oddity. This is not something that happens all the time."

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A Warning To Parents

Braylen's mother offered a statement to other parents and reminded them about the dangers that are out there for their children:

"I want to warn other mothers to be aware of what their kids are being given when they go trick or treating."

In a Facebook post the mum thanked pals for their support, writing: "Thank you for those who have spread the word, your concerns for my son and the positive feedback.

She also added that it is a parent's duty to protect their child from everything. While she makes it clear it isn't always possible to protect them from everything, "you just have to be aware and do the best you can."

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