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19 Women Share What They Regret Not Learning Earlier In Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were given a playbook to life the second we were born?

It would identify the right moves to make, such as the friends to fill your life, the partners to date, and what career path to take.

But since this doesn’t exist — we’re not living in a fairyland, after all — we’re left to figure things out on our own, piece by piece. 

That's how these 19 women from Reddit came up with these items that they regret not learning earlier in life. 

It’s so much easier to maintain, rather than overhaul

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This applies to basically every area in life, from your weight to your mobility to even your laundry, as one woman wrote. It's a lot easier to maintain these healthy habits now rather than try to lose weight when your metabolism has slowed down.

People will always come and go

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"I’m only 20 now, but I wish I had known that people come and go regardless of how I act or who I am. You really can’t stop something from spoiling and that’s something I’m still learning now." - u/Careful_Ad_1512

You're not obligated to keep certain people in your life

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Yes, this includes family. If they're being rude, creepy, or not respecting your boundaries, the healthy life you're creating has no place for them. This also applies to relationships; they can end because they ended, period.

Not every guy friend you have actually wants to be your friend

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"Every single male friend that I had ended up wanting to sleep with me. I realized most of them only want to be your friend so they can [expletive] you later on if they get a chance. To you, they're a friend, to them, you're somebody who 'friend-zoned' them." - u/1sh1tmypants

That low self-esteem can let you make horrible choices that have a lasting impact on your life and happiness

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Take a look back at your dating history and you're bound to see a few examples of this. It's always important to make decisions from a healthy mind space. So wait for the green light, not orange or red.

Other people's opinions do not matter

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"Most of people's opinions about me are worthless and I really don't have to sit and listen even though they 'mean well'. If I say I'm not comfortable with this please stop and they don't then this isn't advice." - u/Still-me-

People's reactions have more to do with them than with you

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Although this depends on the context, it's true for the most part. That's why it's important not to take things too seriously. Your friend is mad that you got a boyfriend? This likely has to do with their own insecurities of being alone and losing you.

If it feels like you're forcing conversations/time together with someone you're romantically interested in, it's not worth it

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"Even if they show some interest and affection, flakiness in the early stages of dating is not a good sign. Someone who is truly interested in you will make that clear." - u/BoopYourDogForMe

Most people don't know what they're doing in life

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When you're a kid, it's easy to look at adults and think, "man, they have it together." You only realize the false realities of this when you're an adult and you yourself feel like you're drowning in debt, lost friends, responsibilities, and so on.

That your parents may never change their ways

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"I can learn all the psych techniques to engage with them easier, I can try to be empathetic to their situation or their upbringing, but at the end of the day they will always be childish, selfish people with no empathy." - u/Familiar-Let-5035

People change their career paths all the time

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A lot more needs to be said about the people choosing their life paths as teenagers. The same things we wanted back then might not be what we want now, so don't be afraid to change your career if you're unhappy. Life is too short.

That having debt is not normal

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"I spent 20 years thinking everyone had a car loan, a mortgage, student loans, credit cards. Climbing out of all that was brutal. I envy the younguns now that have no debt. Their future is powerful." - u/kstravlr12

Cooking and making coffee at home really is healthier and helps you save a ton of money

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Ugh, it turns out our parents were right when they told us to eat at home instead of stopping at McDonald's. It is too expensive and we don't need it. Now, far too many of us don't know how to cook because we rely on UberEats and other takeout options.

Don’t try and/or wish to grow up fast

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"There’s high regret when you become grown up and didn’t spend time while younger of being a teenager of hanging out with friends instead of focusing on growing up." - u/ ButterflyFrequent241

That yo-yo dieting isn't good for your health or your skin

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Most women have tried numerous diets by the time they turn 18. How sad is that? This takes a toll on us mentally, physically, and financially. The more you lose weight and gain it back, the more you'll lose elasticity in your skin to keep it from sagging.

It's okay not to have the answers for everything

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"If I had known this at an earlier age I might’ve been a more experimental kid and willing to question things rather than assume adults know everything." -u/riannargh. Instead of feeling stupid for not knowing something, research it!

That you may have ADHD

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"Like seriously. I didn’t learn that the way that I think and move ISN’T NORMAL until I was about 17. It explained why I felt like I had to work so much harder to get things done." - u/genderfluidbeast

Wear sunscreen

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Since the effects of not wearing sunscreen don't show until we're much older, a lot of people think they're okay to skip this.

But it will come back to bite you! Whether that's sun damage, wrinkles, leathery skin, or even skin cancer.

Don't stress out about useless things

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"Let it be a job, spilling tea on my white rug, rejection etc. Nothing is worth my peace and happiness. I want this ride to be fun and positive, and there is a whole lot of that that is in my control, like my reaction to things." - u/NoTime6352

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