15 Women Share Their 'Weird' Celebrity Crushes

Jordan Claes
King Jareth from 'Labyrinth'.
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Hollywood has no shortage of hunky heartthrobs and tantalizingly gorgeous leading ladies. But for some people, looks and personality aren't the be-all and end-all of what constitutes physical attraction.

Some seem to be smitten by a certain Je ne sais quoi — an undefinable unexplainable force that pulls them in and gets their blood pumping. In order To get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, have a look below as these 15 women of Reddit share their "weird" celebrity crushes.

Lucius Malfoy from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

Lucius Malfoy in 'Harry Potter'.
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I for one am at a loss as to how anyone could possibly think that Lucius Malfoy was attractive. According to Redditor BleedingHeart1996, it was that silvery mane of long-flowing hair that made her weak in the knees.

Michael Fox AKA Marty McFly.

Marty McFly playing the guitar.
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Reddit user positivepeoplehater has a major soft spot for Michael J. Fox. As someone who grew up idolizing the Back to the Future trilogy, I'm at a loss as to why Mike's name doesn't pop up more often.

'Robin Hood' is a total fox, in every sense of the word.

Disney's Robin Hood.

"But not the Kevin Costner nor the Russell Crowe Robin Hood," Reddit user KaleidoscopeThink482 explains. "No, for it was the cartoon fox Robin Hood that stole my wee young heart."

Bill Nye the Science Guy.

BILL! BILL! BILL! I always loved that TV intro and apparently, so does Reddit user spagyrum. In her mind, Bill is the perfect balance between sexy and intelligent — that bow tie certainly doesn't hurt, either.

"Li Shang from the animated Mulan. That is all." - Reddit u/ZappyZeniii926

Li-Shang from 'Mulan'.
Disney | Disney

How could you not swoon for Li-Shang? He's got a body that would make a Ken-doll envious and he sings with the voice of an angel. I always thought that "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" was an underrated Disney banger.

Harrison Ford in his later years.

Harrison Ford in 'Six Days, Seven Nights'.
Buena Vista | Buena Vista

It wouldn't be peculiar for someone to swoon for Harrison Ford circa his Indiana Jones or Star Wars days. But Redditor Donut-Island prefers Harrison in the film Six Days, Seven Nights above all others. It's an odd choice, but an understandable one.

Homer Simpson from 'The Simpsons'.

Homer Simpson saying 'Woo-hoo!'

Redditor Bengalhousecat is the first to admit that she doesn't know where her deep-seated desire for Homer's bald and yellow head comes from, but I think I understand. Homer is nothing if not passionate, and his devotion toward Marge is beyond reproach.

Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Captain Jack Sparrow.
Buena Vista | Buena Vista

Reddit user butterfliess6 is quick to point out that while she fancies Captain Jack, she holds no flame whatsoever for Johnny Depp. I guess you could say it's a pirate's life and a pirate's wife for her!

Tarzan from the TV show 'Tarzan'.

Reddit user WhatAboutDemApples was young, they used to have a HUGE crush on the one true "King of the Jungle" — the white ape known as Tarzan. As a child, they used to imagine the two of them swinging through the jungle in a sea of vines.

Steve Buscemi at any age.

Steve Buscemi dressed as a high school student.
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"I was in 6th grade when 9/11 happened and not long after people were talking about him being a former firefighter and going to help out. I remember seeing a picture on tv of him when he was younger, and it's stuck with me all these years." - Reddit u/MommaJess08

Edward from the film 'Edward Scissorhands'.

Edward Scissorhands giving a haircut.
20th Century Fox | 20th Century Fox

I couldn't agree with Redditor Outspoken-KittyKitty any more than I already do. I firmly believe that Edward Scissorhands is one of the greatest love stories of our generation, and it makes perfect sense as to why anyone would fall for him.

Jack Skellington in 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'.

Jack Skellington in 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'.

Redditor Rose_Freedom says that she used to have the hots for the "Pumpkin King." Considering his high-ranking status in Halloweentown, as well as his penchant for dressing dapper, I have to say that I concur.

Dr. Perry Cox from 'Scrubs'.

Dr. Cox in 'Scrubs'.

Reddit user ElnathS used to be head-over-heels for Sacred Heart's own Dr. Cox. Sure, he had a tough exterior and could even be a downright jerk at times — but underneath all that vile and vitriol beat the heart of a loving, caring individual.

Anthony Hopkins is one tasty treat, according to this Redditor.

Hannibal Lecter sniveling.

"Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector[sic] was a bit strange I suppose. lol[sic]. I wasn’t into the cannibalism or anything, it was just something about the way he played the part." - Reddit u/Flightlessbirbz

David Bowie from the movie 'Labyrinth'.

King Jareth from 'Labyrinth'.
Tri-Star Pictures | Tri-Star Pictures

Simply saying David Bowie would've done the trick. Revealing that it's Jareth, the Goblin King, however, is really going the extra mile. I feel like Reddit user LowAfternoon8155 and I would totally get along.

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