15 Women Share Their Reasons To Live Despite Life's Painful Moments

Jordan Claes
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We've all been told that life is a miracle, that we should all be so lucky to be here, and to not take anything for granted. I say — easier said than done.

Sure, life is beautiful, but it can also be hard, unforgiving, and downright unpleasant at times. So for those who are in need of a little extra motivation, here are 15 women sharing their reasons to live, despite life's painful moments.

Because she who is not busy being born is busy dying.

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"I’m going to inevitably die one day anyways, so I might as well transcend everything I can in the meantime and see where it gets me." - Reddit u/kajlan54

It's all about perspective.

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Reddit user tempestan99 says that they try their best to live a life based upon values. Life is going to inevitably include elements of pain, but it's all about learning how to make that painful experience worth it.

If not for you, then do it for the ones you love.

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Reddit user SunsetAndSilence says that if she wasn't here, her boyfriend would sorely miss her. But most importantly, there'd be no one around to feed her dog — and that's a possibility she refuses to entertain.

Read any good books, lately?

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Redditor Queenielauren says that what keeps her going is the knowledge that she hasn't seen nearly seen enough of the world yet. That, and she still has stacks of books to get through before her time here is done.

"Sometimes I look at my kitty and he starts purring immediately before I even touch him." - Reddit u/everyonesaysso

Kitty hiding under blanket.
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The love of a cat is anything but unconditional. These kinds of moments don't happen often but when they do, they're moving beyond words.

You just need to go outside.

Girl on top of a mountain.
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In the mind of Reddit user No_Radio_1013, the world is far too beautiful a place to imagine not being in it. Seeing such beautiful landscapes and exploring the heart of mother nature is incredibly tranquil to them.

Put a little love in your heart.

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Reddit user Weary_Gate7941 says that what helps her to remain positive is the love of her children. She also wants to believe that there is such a thing as romantic love and hopes to one day discover it for herself.

Cheese is the answer.

Wine and cheese board.
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Redditor Candid-Amphibian-726 is the first to admit that life can be hard, sometimes. But the fact of the matter is that with no assurance of an afterlife, she doesn't want to risk not being able to ever indulge in wine and cheese again.

What would your mom say?

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Reddit user Florida1974 understands the pain and sacrifice that their mother went through in order to raise her. To simply give up on life would be like spitting in the face of everything her mother ever gave to her.

Discovering your own purpose.

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"It is ones[sic] responsibility to find happiness for their own life. You have every day, ever[sic] moment to make a change. Find something you like to do, experiment, go for a walk, go to a fun place, find things to make you laugh. Find a purpose." - Reddit u/Balanceblu

I am because of others.

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For Reddit user 20JC20, she finds strength in her career. Right now, she's in the process of becoming a clinical therapist and takes great pride in the prospect of helping others overcome their own demons.

So that others won't be burdened with pain.

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Redditor babblepedia has come to know grief and experienced it first hand. She says that the idea of subjecting her family and friends to even one iota of that before it is absolutely necessary would be a cruelty.

Because this too shall pass.

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Life is impermanent. If you think that everything is great, that you've got life all figured out — this too shall pass. Conversely, do you feel like crap? Like you couldn't possibly go on? This too shall pass.

I haven't done all I've set out to do.

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Of all the things in Reddit user marylikestodraw's life that she's accomplished, one goal as of now still eludes her. That is — to be the best-looking woman in the nursing home. Until that day comes, she's going to keep holding on.

A society grows great when old women plant trees — the shade of which they know they'll never sit in.

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"I want to help people and make a lasting difference in their lives. I want to help break the patriarchal system which oppresses and victim-blames women." - Reddit u/DisturbedOranges