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Women Are Being Confused By This Bizarre Ad For A 'Front Wedgie' Bodysuit

So the fine folks over BooHoo sell some stylish looks and sexual fashion on their website, covering both men and women. But one piece, in particular, has the internet up in arms -- particularly women who this seems to be targeted at.

It would seem that regular women feel like this type of look wouldn't work for them. Let's see why.

The Ad

BooHoo / Facebook / Mumsnet

Firstly, we need to look at the ad that has been popping up for folks on social media. Mumsnet users shared the image above, showing when it pops up on their feed on Facebook and other social media platforms.

The look should speak for itself.

The Fashion


The "Basic V Neck Ruched Front Thong Bodysuit" runs for around 8 pounds on their site, close to $10.50 in the U.S., and comes in a few different colors. Sadly, you won't find the one above on the site anymore and the white version won't appear.

(It should be noted that it did in the morning this post was written, disappearing before publication)

The Reaction

There isn't anything wrong with BooHoo or the products they're selling at all. It isn't illegal to sell such items, but they aren't protected from the criticism of customers online -- especially if there is goofiness to be had.

On Mumsnet, the comments were rough from the start:

It popped up as an AD on my Facebook. I understand the body suit trends but surely this would result in being split entirely in two, or the worlds worst front wedgie

Wearing It Backwards

From there it spread and continued to Twitter, where people had the same feelings towards the look -- and were curious if the model was actually wearing the thing backwards.


Mumsnet users also wondered who would wear this sort of outfit. They also were curious if the person who created the piece would wear it themselves:

I wonder whether the whoever designed this would actually be brave enough to wear it.

Hope the model was paid a risk adjustment premium on her on top of her fees.

And at the end, one person points out the obvious:

Designed by a man obviously


The comparisons were great too. There was a lot of wedgie talk and talk about atomic wedgies, the worst type of wedgie there.

But some folks dug deep to pull out a reference to Dogma and the smoother nether regions for the film's angelic characters.

My Bits!

Plenty of women also noted that they would not be filling out this outfit in the way that it was intended. Bits and skin all over, just popping out of the outfit.

Heath Ledger

And while it isn't a pretty picture or something you want to imagine, especially at work, but this reference would make Heath Ledger's take on Batman's arch-nemesis feel weird about his life choices.

One Cough

But in the end, a small piece of fabric will not do for anybody but a very select few in the world. If you're a man or you're a woman above 80 lbs, you probably won't look like the model in this photo.

Someone might, but a lot of women seem to agree that it isn't them.

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