Women Are Actually Better Drivers Than Men According To Recent Study

We've all heard those odd sexist wives' tales that place men and women into arbitrary categories of ability. Women are better at taking care of children, men are better leaders, women are better at cooking, bla bla bla.

Since every individual human being is unique in their life experiences and skills, X or Y chromosomes really can't dictate anything above or beyond abilities at a biological level (giving birth, fertilizing eggs, predisposition for certain illnesses, etc.)

It's become "common knowledge" at this point that apparently, women are worse drivers than men.

I mean, obviously our delicate fingernails and overly emotional disposition make it impossible for us to drive a big bad metal man machine, right?

The road is for the boys, and the boys only. NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

The misconception has been fueled by accusing women of being "distracted".

How can we drive when we're busy drinking our Starbucks and fixing our winged eyeliner and checking Instagram and taking selfies and making phone calls and planning dinner and being just plain oblivious?

I would say that driving skill is really more of a person-by-person basis, but hey, I don't make the rules — men do that.

But it turns out, we may have had the wrong idea.

Unsplash | Tim Foster

According to a recent study, it's women who are better drivers than men.

Ok, ok, I hear you laughing. Just hear me out.

The study uses three areas of information to pull its theory together.

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These areas are traffic statistics, insurance plans, and insurance claims/accident reports.

In 2017, 585,000 British drivers found themselves in court for motoring offences, 69% of which were male.

Every category of driving-related offenses is dominated by men.

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These include speeding, driving without insurance, careless driving, drink-driving, and other offenses.

Another area of study was insurance, and it's a well known fact that men tend to pay more in monthly car insurance than women do.

Men also take up the largest share of insurance claims.

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In 2017, 65% of all car insurance claims were made by men, while only 35% were made by women.

This means that men are getting into more accidents/driving-related incidents in which insurance needed to be involved.

Is this study accurate in your experience?


Like I said earlier, it is much more likely that certain people are worse or better at driving based on personal factors rather than a certain gender or sex being inherently better.

However, the statistics don't lie, so it's difficult to completely disregard them.

Sorry if I just ruined your morning drive!

h/t: Unilad